Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

Chris Cuomo - New Day CNN 01

It’s an obvious fact that through the events that take place in our daily routines and practices, life is all about creation. Creation of mind, creation of opportunity and most importantly, creation of self. Someone who has proved his worth through creating a solid self of veracity through opportunities in the ever-evolving field of journalism is CNN New Day’s Chris Cuomo.

With attention to detail, no assumptions, properly phrased questions, an endless curiosity, a deep need to know what is happening around our world, all combined with the ability to hear a small clue and follow it is what truly defines him.

Since pursuing journalism shortly after receiving his law degree from Fordham University in 1995 with an undergraduate from Yale University, Chris Cuomo has always rooted his journalistic principles in bringing to light the realities of life and existentialism.

“I was raised in a way to believe that you have to do something with the opportunity that you’re given in life to help other people,” he tells me shortly after filming the three-hour broadcast of New Day from his CNN office in New York. “You know, the idea of being a collaborator in creation—the idea of being bigger than yourself. It just matters to me.”

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