Living and Loving The Artist’s Life: Chatting with Andrea Stefancikova

With more than a dozen film, television and stage credits to her name, Andrea Stefancikova is not your average actress. While prominent in the indie film circuit, the social media savvy artist is incredibly dedicated to her craft and understands the real value it brings to not just her life, but those who appreciate and understand film the way she does.

Born in the heart of Europe, Stefancikova was raised with eastern European values in the city of Bratislava, known now as the capital of Slovakia. The blossoming actress immigrated to British Columbia in 1998 with her family and dog. Though she returned to Europe for a modeling contract in Milan a few years later, Stefancikova calls Vancouver home today.

Growing up, Stefancikova was involved in kids theatre back in her home country and that passion sprouted into high ambitions when she worked full time as an international model. Booking a slew of television commercials, it wasn’t until her early twenties that she learned sufficient English and had the courage to study and act. Based in Montreal, Quebec at the time, Stefancikova enrolled in Meisner Classes and the Strasberg Institute.

“I booked my first film and TV gigs then, and became a full union member, which I remember I was proud of,” she smiles. “I didn’t know how things worked. I wasn’t as serious and dedicated yet. As a result of that, I was swayed across the seas with another modeling contract for a few more years. I kept studying though, and had the occasional film booking here and there.”

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