‘Buy a Lady a Drink’: Turning Beer into Clean Water

Water Stella 01

Before heading to bed each and every night, I make my way to the kitchen faucet and fill one of those desert-ready tin bottles in case I should ever feel thirsty during my comfortable slumbers. Some nights I take tiny sips, while other nights, I might drink half the bottle. Either way, I have water by my side at all times and though this is a luxury that I am consciously blessed with, it doesn’t have me thinking too much about time in my own life as it literally takes less than a minute to fill up at the convenience of having readily available clean water.

While I can drink water so accessibly and use it in various ways like cooking, cleaning or even watering in-door plants that look like they’re on the verge of dying, there is a staggering 750 million people around the world who lack access to clean water—with this statistic disproportionately affecting women every day.

Take for example, Suman (“Suman’s Journey to the Communal Well”) who spends three hours a day making a journey to a well just so she can collect clean water in her Indian village. At times, she will have to wait two to three hours to collect it and because of the circumstances, may have to fight others in line for it. Unfortunately, the wells can break and while it can take months to repair, the day has to continue and women like Suman take extremely long journeys all in order to find water.

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