Letter from the Editor: Spring Fever

Letter from the Editor - December 2014

As you might notice whether you’re on the extreme East coast or in the great Midwest, the temperatures are finally rising and spring is at last on the horizon. We are just days away from a new season full of hope, renewal, and color that will bloom well into the next chapter of our lives; and the anticipation is giving many of us a case of “spring fever.” (That was my Elvis Presley plug for the week.)

As the weeks grow milder and longer days arrive, we will start to see the beautiful blossoms of nature and the warmth of summer’s approach. The early days of spring give me such an incredible feeling of merriment and joy, especially on long and welcomed walks in the woods that reveal not just the beautiful signs of the season, but everything that is to follow in the next months. Warmer weather, bright sunshine, and an array of colors to brighten our days. I just know that the first glimpse of residual sunlight as I leave the library and head home from study sessions will not only be fully welcomed, but especially heartwarming to witness. I dream of the cool evenings where I could sit out late, hear the buzzing of nature and simply watch the twinkly stars in the Indiana sky.

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