Giving It Her Best Shot: Behind the Lens with Priscilla Kammerer

PK-PhotographyAs a society in the growing age of social media, we generally communicate through tweets or status updates, but images and visual arts have its own vocabulary to express itself to our inner senses. In photography, there is a reality so insightful and profound that paradoxically it becomes more real than reality thanks to the lens of the photographer intimately tied to a photograph.

Regarded as the art to the observing mind, there is much more than meets the eye with any single photograph. Provoking emotions and certain feelings through images, photography has a unique way of touching and stimulating all of us in some form, while unearthing fascinating moments from ordinary situations. At best, photography speaks to our emotions while allowing us to tell our stories and show others our own framing of the world around us. A good photograph requires a good photographer who has the ability to capture a moment in time, envision it in the mind’s eye, and make it so by the tools available. In many ways, photographs have the power to not just express what one feels, but define what exactly is being conveyed in an image’s distinct instant.

Blessed with a sophisticated eye for style and composition, northern Indiana photographer, Priscilla Kammerer of Priscilla K Photography is able to blend her love for life and art by capturing priceless moments for many in and around the area.

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