Braving “The Comment Section” with Michael Kosta

With the rise of social media in recent years, a new species of users has crawled out from the shadowy depths of the Internet, turning the web into the “wild west” of sorts for aggressive and insolent verbal slinging. While perusing the comment section of any article on a news site, the unremitting stream of mindlessness and vitriol that flows even on the most basic stories proves that the comments section is by far the closest thing to hell the Internet has ever seen.

The anonymity, ease of access, and various networks made available for users all over the world have unleashed not only stupidity through a poorly spelled or incoherent cesspool of inanity in the comment section, but clever comedy ripe for the picking by bright minds who know otherwise.

With a focus on breaking down snarky comments found on popular websites, E!’s newest series The Comment Section dissects how viewers and Internet commenters react to the week’s biggest news stories. Hosted by smooth-talking funnyman and the ever so charming, Michael Kosta, the half-hour satirical commentary show runs in the same vein of E!’s third highest rated show on the network, The Soup hosted by Joel McHale.

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