Ten Thousand Coffees: Building Professional Relations, One Cup at a Time

{Image Credit: 10K Coffees/Facebook}

Relationships are the core of a burgeoning and valuable life and just as we societally have basic needs to fulfill, we also have that one rudimentary need to feel belonging through valuable and advantageous relationships. In this rapid age of technology, we have all had the opportunity to connect with others through social media and advance our learning by interacting with those we admire or those who simply make us feel enlightened. Networking has grown in recent years and is now more than ever about making connections and building enduring, mutually favorable relationships.

In a world of being constantly connected, our generation has the greatest access to information and technology like never before. Yet, despite these developments in our social medium, there’s an increasing challenge that many young professionals continue to face and much of it has to do with the lack of opportunities.

A social network that is helping to bridge the gap between today’s leaders and the ever-growing social generation through a conversation over coffee is Ten Thousand Coffees. The brainchild of 27-year-old youth advocacy expert and entrepreneur, Dave Wilkin, Ten Thousand Coffees hopes to equal out the playing field for everyone by utilizing technology to its greatest capacity and injecting conversation—one of our most influential social tools today.

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