United State of Indiana: Wearing Your State on Your Sleeve

Since its inception in 2011, United State of Indiana has firmly believed in collaboration over competition, personal over perfect, and better over bigger. For an online shop situated in the heart of the Midwest, USI is the dominant artifact displaying state pride and love through their apparel, and working hard as a booming and creative small business.

Created by Anderson resident Graham Brown, the small business first burst onto the scene in the spring of 2011 with the simple message, “Never forget your home.” Reminding fellow Hoosiers that there is something here that you cannot find elsewhere, the message soon spread among residents, turning USI into a household name in Indiana.

After graduating college with hopes to delay adulthood, Brown ventured into music and began designing shirts for his hip-hop group, Anderson’s Most Wanted. Creating a simple image that defined everything he ever wanted to say about the love for his home, the design soon ignited a passion and struck a chord with those around him. Bold, ambiguous, and moderately controversial, Brown began printing designs for friends of a vertical American flag with the silhouette of Indiana instead of stars. Through his phantom business skills and constant enthusiasm, the venture grew into a full-fledged company. Along the way, the young entrepreneur decided upon the name, “United State of Indiana” and believed in his heart there was no better mission statement for this project than those four words.

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