6 Awesome Back-To-School Apps to Rock Your Semester

{Image Credit: Shutterstock}

The start of a new school year is an exciting, yet busy time for students across the country. As many gear up for another semester full of homework, projects, tests and assigned readings, technology has never been more useful to the enterprising student looking to organize their day-to-day studies and heavy course loads with the help of their devices.

The truth of our modern times is that you won’t find a student without a mobile device. In a study from Purdue University, researchers discovered that students prefer using apps on their smartphones instead of web-based sites. Of the students surveyed at the Indiana university, it was stated that native apps are faster and simpler to navigate than web-based sites. With the ease and speed of app utilization by students around the nation, it is no wonder 78 percent have regular access to mobile devices today.

Easier than carrying around an agenda, the smartphone today is incredibly beneficial to students. Integrating technology into one’s timetable is a great way to reach new heights to organization and diversity in personal planning. While every student might already know which educational apps would benefit his or her needs most, there are a list of apps that no student should have to endure their semester without. As a student starting her third semester at Ball State, here are six of my favorite apps that have been extremely helpful in keeping me organized all semester long.

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