A Beginner’s Guide to Running (Without Freaking Out)

Coping with the demands of family, work life, school and social activities can often create difficulty when setting aside time or finding motivation to start a new fitness regimen. Today many are integrating a running routine into their lifestyle in hopes to aid just about every part of their health with physical and mental benefits that are well worth the effort. In recent years, studies have proven that running not only has the power to change your life, but make you fit, healthy, and even happier.

For years we have all heard of the “Runner’s High,” and it is truly not a myth. Scientists at the University of Montreal recently discovered that the “high” we experience while running is caused by the body fat hormone “leptin,” an important neurotransmitter that motivates and influences physical activity. Over the years it’s been well-documented and proven that running not only benefits the body by fighting certain types of disease and enhancing moods, but improves self-esteem and generates happiness.

With a wealth of information readily available at our fingertips, the process of understanding how to start can become overwhelming to those seeking a new routine. For those looking to add a run cycle to their weekly routine or those looking for inspiration, check out these five simple steps to get you started on pounding down that pavement.

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