The Benefits of CrossFit for Beginners

Image Credit: Stone/Getty Images

CrossFit has garnered the attention of both men and women for years, but as the core strength and conditioning program grew in popularity over the years and across the country, many more are now turning to it for the added benefits to their daily routine. If you’ve been curious about CrossFit but are intimidated to try it out, firstly, don’t listen to the naysayers who think it’s too intense. Though it’s sold as a no-nonsense and tough workout regimen, when done correctly and attempted with a positive outlook, CrossFit can be fun, safe and super effective.

Here are six reasons why you should try the high-intensity training routine that incorporates weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, calisthenics, and strongman routines to give you a full body workout.

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