The Kosta Doin’ Comedy: Breaking Down “The Comment Section” with Michael Kosta

With the rapid expansion of social media, there’s a new type of user crawling out from the deep, dark, and murky pits of the Internet’s basement, turning the web into the “Wild West” for belligerent and often impudent dialogue through the comments section found on articles of news sites.

Feeling like the closest thing to hell the Internet has ever seen, the comments section is truly an increasing cesspool of new-age stupidity and poorly spelled monologues, unleashing mindlessness and vitriol. But it’s more of a goldmine for E!’s newest star, the hilarious and affable Michael Kosta.

Finding amusement and humor in such discourse with his new show, The Comment Section, the 36 year-old comedian finds people just don’t care what they say online.

“There’s no consequence, you know? You post and nothing really happens,” he says. “There’s just no stakes.”

Having just landed in a somewhat snazzy hotel in the suburbs of Minneapolis before heading to his standup set, the Michigan native is a smart, sensible, and laid-back guy, who genuinely enjoys his newfound gig.

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