Sweet Serendipity

Featured Image -- 1832

“When you have faith in fate, you can fully appreciate all of the wonderful surprises headed your way.” Great piece by my friend and little sister, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Rosalyn

Serendipity. A word that brings forth a wave of calm with an added spark of curiosity. The tranquil term refers to those “fortunate coincidences” and “pleasant surprises” that present themselves to you when you don’t even anticipate them. It’s these moments of happenstance – unsought discoveries, encounters, and experiences – that can lead you to enlightening revelations and promising opportunities which can add value to or fill a need in your life, and even ultimately change the course of your journey.

Serendipitous moments can take a vast variety of forms. You’re sitting on the bus, pondering over a personal situation while mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed, when a shared link from a friend catches your eye; it just so happens to be an article pertinent to your very situation, providing just the right advice and encouragement you need to move forward. You’ve spent weeks upon weeks working towards obtaining that one job that can jumpstart your career…

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