Womanista: October 2015

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All of the beautiful things that make you uniquely you are explored and celebrated — that is Womanista. The authority on fabulous. Here are my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for October.

Oct. 31, 2015: Pizza Party! Homemade Pizza Recipes for Every Diet | Nothing warms our weekend (and frankly, our soul) more than kicking back on the couch with a hot and saucy cheese pizza! Ah, we can just picture it now. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 30, 2015: 8 TED Talks That Will Inspire and Move You | Whether you’re looking for inspiration to spark your passions or you’re in the mood for a little enlightenment, TED talks has an answer. {CONTINUE READING…}

woman-frozen-yogurt-dessert-5734-60x60Oct. 27, 2015: The Real Scoop – Which is Healthier: Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?| There’s no dessert quite like a smooth and rich ice cream…or frozen yogurt? Let’s face it, the frozen dessert landscape has really changed since the days of chasing down ice cream trucks blaring carnival chords. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 26, 2015: Think Pink, Eat Pink – The Superfruit You Need In Your Diet | Move over every known fruit in town—there’s a new awesome superfruit painting the town pink and it’s so bright, no Valencia Instagram filter is needed. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 25, 2015: 4 Tips to Better Sleep | Face it—you’ve been really tired lately, haven’t you? Each morning the alarm clock annoyingly rings “Wake up!” but your body hits the snooze as you cry in agony, “Leave me alone!” {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 24, 2015: Get Your Om On! Best Trips for Yogis | With wellness travel gaining popularity in the United States, yoga retreats with scenic backdrops promoting self-discovery, reflection and rejuvenation are popping up everywhere. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 21, 2015: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Soulmate | Is there someone out there made for each one of us? For years, movies and TV have shown us it’s true—arriving in the form of Richard Gere or Derek Shepard (aka “McDreamy”)! {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 20, 2015: 10 Ways to shop for a Cause During Breast Cancer Awareness Month | With Breast Cancer Awareness month here, fashion and beauty industries are giving back by launching an inspiring range of products to help raise awareness… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 19, 2015: Trick-or-Treat! What to Give Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween| Halloween is a wonderful time of year for children who love playing dress up, visiting haunted houses, hearing ghastly tales… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 18, 2015: Edible Nail Polishes for Mommy and Me Manicures | If you have children, chances are you’ve seen them put just about every gross thing lying around the house into their mouths. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 17, 2015: Status Update – You Are in a New Relationship with Facebook | A lot has been happening in the world of social media, but are you keeping up with Facebook’s latest features? {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 16, 2015: At-Home Microdermabrasion Systems That Will Save Your Skin| You’ve probably seen a home improvement show on HGTV easily transform rough-hewn wood into something as smooth and soft as baby skin and wondered, “Would that power tool work on my skin?” {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 15, 2015: How To Fight Cold and Flu Season (and Win!) | While autumn and winter bring about stellar sweaters, scarves, and boots galore, it also brings around the cold and flu virus and that’s just downright yucky. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 12, 2015: Healthy Foods to Keep You Fuller, Longer | Between rushing to get the kids ready for school and running to work, it can be a physically demanding effort that works up an appetite. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 11, 2015: Status Update: Getting Through That Break-Up | It’s okay, re-enacting Bridget Jones Diary belting “All by Myself” and downing white wine is utterly and completely normal post-breakup. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 10, 2015: Fun and Not Frightening Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Little Ones | Grab the flashlights, candy bowls, and popcorn as Womanista shares their top picks for… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 10, 2015: Get The Skinny – 6 Fats You Need To Eat | Fats have a huge PR problem. For years, they got a bad rap with so many avoiding it in fear of unhealthy weight gain that would pave a path to health complications… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 9, 2015: 6 Tips for Planning the Most Romantic Weekend Getaway | Don’t you feel like a vacation is so needed right about now? If a full-fledged week vaca is not in your future, why not try a mini-getaway? {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 7, 2015: Smile! The Healthiest Ways to Whiten Your Smile | Nothing complements your look more than a gorgeous, pearly-white smile—alright, maybe a vivacious red lipstick works too! {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 5, 2015: How to Support a Friend with Breast Cancer | When someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer or is in the midst of treatment, it’s not only scary for them, but it’s really scary for you too. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 2, 2015: Get Spooky! The 7 Most Haunted Spots To Visit This Halloween| Scared of things that go bump in the night? Maybe not. Between the kids writing on the wall or the pets leaving surprises around the house, nothing really scares you—or does it? {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 1, 2015: 6 Easy DIY Face Masks | With autumn approaching, it’s time to shield our skin from slap-in-your-face winds and prepare for chilly temps. {CONTINUE READING…}

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