How To Deal with Being Ghosted

Though it may seem like a new phenomenon, “ghosting” is quite possibly the most earth-shattering way to break up with someone and has become a huge part of our growing culture. Regarded as a way of cutting off all communication with an individual without any valid explanation, ghosting is not only the most disrespectful and pusillanimous way to get out of a relationship, but sadly the worst and fastest way millennials break up in the 21st century.

With the integration of social media and the profiles we build online, ghosting is a behavior heavily driven by technology and convenience, making it harder for one to understand or come to terms with. It brings along anxiety, low self-esteem, and severe mental pain. In a study from the 1980s, it was discovered when one person ends a relationship through avoidance, it is likely to generate anger and hurt for the recipient. However, unexpectedly, it affects the ghost with long-term repercussions as the recipient often confronts the ghost, creating an awkward and uncontrollable situation.

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    1. I actually never heard of this term until last year. But sadly, it’s very real. It’s disappointing to see this trend increase as technology will just keep perpetuating this new form of cutting ties.

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