Your Guide To Living A More Creative Life

Big Magic 06 - Know Yourself

As some of you have known, I’ve been writing with Womanista since late September and I am having such a blast! The team I work with is amazingly smart and beautiful in every way. It’s very comforting to be able to write with a group of women that are so warm, congenial and intelligent about the creative world around us. I am constantly inspired by my co-workers and their passions for life, health, and style drive mine further.

While I usually share my pieces at the end of the month and over at a page on this portfolio devoted to Womanista, one of the pieces I published this week is one of my new favorites and am über excited to share it with everyone. In honor of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s New York Times bestseller, Big Magic, I share how creativity isn’t just about talent. It’s about being able to harness a strong, passionate energy inside of you!

Womanista | Your Guide To Living A More Creative Life

When we imagine the makings of ourselves, creativity seems like an attribute that should sit high among the ranks of Ivy League stature, a fit physique, and gorgeous hair. At the end of the day, we all want a mind where we can conjure up ideas at the flip of a switch. But the reality is, creativity is elusively fickle.
This past fall, bestselling author and TED talk speaker, Elizabeth Gilbert released her book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” in which she shares how to live more creatively and uncover the “strange jewels” hidden within each of us. In her follow-up to the smash hit “Eat, Pray, Love,” Gilbert shares how creativity isn’t necessarily exclusive to the arts or professionals, but rather an ideal driven by our natural born curiosities.
In honor of Big Magic and our emergent desires to feel further inspired, we share how to harness your creativity through simple practices. No matter who you are or how you grew up, creativity isn’t a talent that you either have or don’t have—it’s a skill you can build!
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