Womanista: November 2015

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By delivering readers informative and creative content through the lens of fashion and beauty, family, wellness, design and current events, this past month was a big one. Here are my contributions to women’s lifestyle magazine, Womanista for the month of November.

Nov. 27, 2015: Womanista Holiday Gift Guide – The Tech Obsessed | At last, the holidays are officially upon us! That means we’re making our lists and checking them twice. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 26, 2015: What Do Your Food Cravings Really Mean? | We’ve all had a moment where we’ve found ourselves screaming for a Twix like George Costanza. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 24, 2015: The Single Girl’s Guide to Smart Investing | We get it—investing is intimidating! Just when we think we’ve got our money figured out, we don’t. Likewise, the anxieties of understanding financial jargon can often leave you puzzled and downright scared. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 23, 2015: Your Guide to Spotting a Liar | While many relationships are built on trust, sometimes people tell lies in an effort to get what they want. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 19, 2015: 10 Tasty Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dishes | The turkey might be the celebrity at your dining table this holiday season, but there are plenty more stars setting their sights on your glam tablescape this Thanksgiving! {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 17, 2015:  Hit The Slopes! 6 Dreamy Ski Resort Vacations | With ski towns and resorts ramping up activities, it’s “snow” joke ski season is in full gear.  {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 14, 2015: Soup’s Up! 21 Recipes for a Cozy Dinner | Often seen as a comfort food that sticks to our bones during those cold winter months, soup has made a lasting impression on our dining tables. In many ways, soup is the one food that can hug you back. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 13, 2015: This Season’s Best All Over Exfoliators | The forceful winds slapping you left, right and center can only mean one thing: winter is coming! And for most of us, that means lots of dry skin. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 12, 2015: Your Guide to Living a More Creative Life | When we imagine the makings of ourselves, creativity seems like an attribute that should sit high among the ranks of Ivy League stature, a fit physique, and gorgeous hair. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 9, 2015: 6 Benefits of a Long-Distance Relationship | As our lifestyles grow busier by the second, an estimated 14 million couples in the United States consider themselves in long-distance relationships (LDRs). {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 5, 2015: Check These Boxes Before You Say, “I Do” | Getting married is exciting, but often we’re so busy planning the wedding, we end up neglecting the marriage itself! {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 4, 2015: Apple Cider Vinegar – The Miracle Potion | Hailed as the latest “super fluid” with a growing popularity, apple cider vinegar is taking flight and becoming the newest obsession among millions. {CONTINUE READING…}

Nov. 2, 2015: Pucker Up! 7 Health Benefits of Kissing | Ah, there is nothing quite like a kiss! The way it crawls into the core of our heart, many of us find ourselves getting lost daydreaming about that adoring smooch with our significant other.  {CONTINUE READING…}


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