“And every dream tells it all, and this is your story…”


Dreams are mysterious and often elusive to recall. Most times, they have the power to not just open up a world of curiosity and oddities that we are constantly trying to decode, but when people and events are thrown into the mix—they become questionable ad sometimes, a little bizarre.

A few nights ago I had a dream that’s been on the edge of my mind for days, wondering what it could mean. I’ve been scratching at it and wondering, how could my brain drive me to dream such a thing? I dreamed of someone I had never met and who is sadly, no longer with us in this world. I had only ever heard about this person through my best friend’s rich and congenial stories that were warm and sweet glimpses into a beloved childhood. You see, I dreamed of meeting my best friend’s grandfather—his beloved “Papy.”

The odd thing was, I had only seen a picture of him when my best friend shared some albums on social media once and never again. I haven’t seen a photo of his grandfather in about five or six years now. And while I would annually send a message on the day of his passing to my best friend, there hasn’t really been anything that can force me to start thinking about this kind, yet deceased person recently.

Has anyone ever had a dream like that? Dreaming of people you’ve never met, but you know deep down that it feels very significant and important? I don’t remember the exact context or what exactly he was sharing with me, except for recalling I was sitting on a porch during a warm, sunny day with my best friend’s grandpa. His grandpa was wearing glasses, hair was slightly longer than what I have ever seen and he wore a plaid shirt, either green or yellow. I can’t recall specifically. He sat in a chair to my right, looking outward and smiling, speaking. He said something to me and when he spoke, he looked at me. Unfortunately, I remember my gaze looking behind me towards a screen door where I could hear a TV playing and children’s voices. It all felt very odd. It felt odd because I didn’t know where I was and why I was where I was.

It’s been bothering me ever since. Not sure why, but it’s as if—it’s like, you know when you want to say something but those words aren’t coming out? Those words are at the tip of your tongue and you know it’s relevant and important, but it’s just not happening? That’s what this feels like. And the truth of the matter is, my life has been very straight forward lately. I work, go to school, write, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s not like I’m not use to a routine for something so specific to pry its way into my brain.

Sigh. While I know there are scientific reasons behind the brain pulling up images and jumbling them into a puzzle of our subconscious, like being a matter of unexpected transmissions in a background that is processed and organized, I decided to ask one of my friends, a psychic/medium what it could possibly mean. (Yeah, sure, laugh all you want.) She suggested somethings that kind of blew my brain though.

She attributed the visitation of my best friend’s grandfather to our mental connection—the flaming friendship between my best friend and I, saying that he might be seeking guidance in his waking life, and is looking to a figure he loved most. And because our subconscious minds are still tied, the thought of his grandfather crossed his mind at one point or another, and ended up crossing mine (because of my affection for him).

Another possibility she suggested was that it was a visitation dream, but I don’t believe that because I can’t recall it in its entirety. That said, she mentioned meeting someone you’ve never met in a dream who has passed offers a message of reassurance or comfort in a time of need, either for the dreamer or the person who the deceased individual is attached to. I guess there’s a comfort in knowing there’s a possibility that my best friend’s being taken care of by his spirit guides aka “Papy,” offering him help, love, light and warmth when he needs it most.

It’s funny timing too, considering his birthday is this week (something he truly hates), and with what he’s shared about his life, he’s been having some ups and downs as of lately. And dammit, it just makes you wonder.

Of course though it sounds crazy! I mean, I know this. I don’t need to even think twice about how this sounds. None of it sounds right! But because my best friend and I both had a belief in the paranormal so many years ago (I still do, but he doesn’t have time anymore…), my psychic/medium friend believes we were both brave enough to know there is another side to life exactly like this that does exist with God’s grace. The thing is though, I’m smart enough to not really put any trust into a dream because it is bound to bring disappointment and paranoia. And to be honest, I’m too old to really smother myself with that kind of “hope.” But, in an aside, I have had plenty of dreams in the past about my best friend, and weirdly enough, days later we would chat—if you’d like to call it that.

Whatever the case, the universe and brain is a mystery and all I know is that lately, I’ve felt strange lately. It could just possibly be exhaustion. But, I still find it odd. As my psychic/medium friend shared, when people pass, their energy is still around and it’s possible that our brains are somewhat connected to the “other side” when we dream. After all, think of the soul. You can’t box it, bag it, but when you die, you are 21 grams lighter. (That’s knowledge from a study published in the New York Times, 1901 featuring the work of Dr. Douglas MacDougall—real or fake?)

Moreover, think of two people who just get along so well. Think of how they finish each other’s sentences. How they’re able to guess what the other is thinking. How they’re able to know what the other person wants at that very moment. And maybe even, who their favorite superhero. Is it soulmates? I mean, there are several different types. Sometimes, when my best friend and I talked about it, I would find where we fit in much to his chagrin.

But does it make sense? Does energy exist? Do dreams really mean something? We can’t know for sure. We can trust in God and know that the images He shares with us everyday are not just a blessing, but a meaning to our lives through a reason we might never know. And sometimes, we just have to sleep it off.


I need a drink.

Title inspired by Talking Heads {Dream Operator}

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