Womanista: December 2015

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All of the beautiful things that make you uniquely you are explored and celebrated — that is Womanista. The authority on fabulous! From holiday towns to perfecting your photography skills, here are my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the month of December.

Dec. 29, 2015: Your Guide to Having the Best First Date | It finally happened: that über-sweet tall, dark, and handsome guy from work finally asked you out. While you might be internally screaming from all the excitement and smiling like a Cheshire cat, a part of you suddenly grows jittery… {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 28, 2015: 7 Signs Your Thyroid Isn’t Working | Despite the bundling up in your favorite sweaters to keep warm or the delicious smoothies you’ve been chugging to feel re-energized—are you still cold, bloated and feeling rather sluggish? {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 27, 2015: New Year’s Traditions from Around the World |Between fireworks, large crowds and kissy sessions, New Year’s festivities may look strikingly similar on TV, but many countries welcome unique and often, offbeat traditions to ushering in the new year! {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 25, 2015: Not Your Grandma’s Hot Chocolate | While it’s wonderful to spend time with family or decorate the tree with snow outside your window, cozying up in bed with festive films and a steaming mug of hot chocolate makes the holidays even better. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 24, 2015: How To Keep Your Cool and Reduce Your Anger | From the garbage not being taken out to the kids avoiding chores, we’ve all experienced a passing annoyance to full-on rage with steam coming out of our ears from time to time—well, not literally. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 21, 2015: The Top 10 Festive Holiday Towns Across the U.S. | Whether they look like winter wonderlands or not, some of America’s most beautiful towns offer a creative spin on yuletide traditions. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 19, 2015: How To Take Perfect Holiday Photos | With the holidays here, many will be snapping photos at parties or special events, with some even seeking professional photographers for help capturing that picture-perfect festive memory. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 15, 2015: How To Have Frizzless Winter Hair! | Besides ushering in snow, the winds of winter and all that blasted dry air can be rough on our hair. Between styling tools, dry winter weather and the taking on and off of our haute hats, our hair is giving us a serious case of wispy and static winter frizz. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 10, 2015: 5 Ingredients that Can Worsen your Winter Cold | You always wash your hands, you habitually take Vitamin C and you’ve tried everything to fight off a cold, but now you’re feeling so terrible you can’t even get up to turn on Netflix. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 8, 2015: The Physical Risks of Your Screen Addiction | Whether you’re working, traveling, shopping, or relaxing at home, much of your time probably involves your smart phone. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 7, 2015: 7 Don’ts For a Happy Couple | For years, movies have presented audiences with an ideal of the happy couple’s life. We see everything from jetting off to glamorous locations to dorking out with each other over drinks… {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 4, 2015: 10 Holiday Movies to Get You in The Spirit | Between the last-minute gift shopping, tree trimming and holiday baking, many of us will delight in the time we spend on the couch with family and friends watching holiday movies. {CONTINUE READING…}

Dec. 1, 2015: Finding Joy and Balance – Recognizing Holiday Depression: Though perceived as a time of joy and celebration, between the countless gatherings, parties and shopping rush, the holidays can feel like a deep dark pit of despair for so many prone to depression. {CONTINUE READING…}


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