5 Ways to Keep Exercising During Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! Even though you probably want to hibernate in your warm bed this winter and wear your Snuggie forever, that’s not something you can actually do—sorry! Winter weather can make getting up out of bed the least desirable thing to do, not to mention making exercise our Mount Everest. Though working out in the winter is not an easy feat, it can be done with a few simple adjustments.

We know what you’re thinking—you’re a “snooze striker,” hitting the snooze button the exact moment your alarm goes off and there’s no way to stay awake. But keep in mind staying motivated requires only one thing: Your attitude.

In a study from the University of Tampere in Finland, researchers stated that working out in nature leads to a greater emotional well-being and better sleep than exercising indoors—and that fact is no less true in winter than it is for spring, summer or fall. Sure it doesn’t feel like a viable plan with shorter days and darker nights draining our impetus to get outside, but with a creative mind, you can stay active this season by making the most of the cold weather, ultimately beating those winter blues.

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