Womanista: January 2016

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Hope you all had a wonderful January! The authority on fabulous, Womanista kicked the New Year off with amazing content, exploring and celebrating all that makes you beautiful. From unrequited love to saving money, fitness apps to winter wedding tips, here are my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the month of January.

Jan. 30, 2016: How To Overcome Procrastination and Be Productive | With the New Year here, there’s so much we need to do and get done. Productivity is one of the more common resolutions among Americans.{CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 29, 2016: Accepting the Truth – How To Deal with Unrequited Love | Falling in love can be one of the most exciting experiences of our lives, but of course, that doesn’t hold true when feelings are unreciprocated. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 27, 2016: How To Be A Morning Workout Womanista | With the invention of the snooze button, we understand it can be hard to pry yourself away from the comfort of warm and toasty sheets. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 25, 2016: How To Live With More Meaning | If someone asked what you wanted out of life, you might answer “meaning.” But with the routine and demands of our daily lives, it’s hard to figure out where to start searching. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 20, 2016: Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated | Keeping up with our fitness regimen is hard work. With chilly temperatures taking the reins of our day, January becomes the most difficult time of year to peel ourselves off the couch. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 18, 2016: These Foods Are Killing Your Sex Drive | Food and sex have shared a long and complex history. Both sacred and meaningful, food has the power to arouse our senses, while sex is — well, sex is what you make of it. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 16, 2016: Weekend Hack – Maximizing Your Time Without Draining Your Bank Account | With the arrival of “Friyay,” as we so lovingly call it, the weekend is the perfect time to recharge ourselves from the stresses of an eventful week and… {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 15, 2016: 7 Health Benefits of the Single Life | For years, sensationalized headlines like “Live Alone, Die Young!” would complicate the connection between our emotional and mental well-being with the desire to be in a relationship to avoid suffering. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 13, 2016: Revamp Your Thoughts and Take Charge of Your Happiness | We all want to lead happy, ‘normal’ lives but sometimes our negativity gets the best of us. As an important asset to our mental well-being, your mind has enough strength to make or break you. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 9, 2016: 7 Winter Dates to Rekindle The Flame | As the temperature drops, it seems like our date options dwindle. Chances are, you aren’t going to picnic in a park or go for a bike ride with your significant other until spring. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 7, 2016: 6 Comedy All-Stars to Watch in 2016 | Hold on to your tummies, Womanistas! Thanks to the upswing of social media and streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, comedy is literally everywhere today! {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 6, 2016: 5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Metabolism | We’ve all started exercise programs where we hope to see results or achieve a desired body weight, but along the way discover we’ve gained a few extra pounds. What? {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 5, 2016: Why Coloring Books Are Making a Comeback | Break out the crayons and markers, because coloring books are making a huge comeback—for grown-ups! {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 3, 2016: 10 Tips for the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams | Spring and summer weddings have been the norm for as long as we can remember, but winter nuptials are fast becoming a popular trend. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan. 1, 2016: The Single Girl’s Guide to Living Debt-Free | Often regarded as an unwelcome guest at the front door of American households, debt affects more than just the financial aspects of our life—it’s an emotional and mental burden that festers into our relationships and well-being. {CONTINUE READING…}

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