Turn Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day With Boudoir Photography

As you might already know, I generally share my pieces at the end of the month and over at a page on this portfolio devoted to Womanista, but I have to share one of my latest! If you know me, I’m pretty sociable and love doing interviews because I love getting to know people—especially through their passion. Someone that I have been working with professionally over the past year is a photographer that I truly respect and admire: Priscilla Kammerer of Priscilla K Photography. Situated in Indiana, Kammerer is a beautiful spirit and so very kind. Getting to interact and learn from someone like her about her craft makes my job so much more fun and purposeful, especially when I can feel inspired from like minds who appreciate creativity and follow their passion.

Anyway, I got pitched to write about boudoir photography for Womanista and it was very exciting! Everyone assumes boudoir photography is one thing, but it’s actually more about feeling sexy and comfortable in your own skin. It takes a really confident woman to be so daring in her own body (so commendable)—and it takes an even bigger heart like Kammerer’s to photograph without judgment. It’s a really great interview with some awesome tips—definitely check it out over at Womanista! It also features a beautiful gallery care of Kammerer and some incredibly gorgeous, gorgeous women.

Womanista | Turn Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day with Boudoir Photography

Much to what you may think, boudoir photography is not at all about sex — it’s more about feeling sexy and comfortable in your own skin. With sessions focusing entirely on who you are through a personal side, the rising trend has grown rapidly in the last decade, becoming a favorite among many women.
Natural light photographer, Priscilla Kammerer of Priscilla K Photography shares with Womanista that boudoir sessions are just as much a gift for you as they are for your partner.
“I think a woman should do a boudoir session for more than one reason,” Kammerer says. “If done well, [she] should leave the session feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy.”
If you’re nervous to try a session, we’re here to dispel those anxieties. Boudoir, in all its femininity and liberation, can be very effective in boosting self-love and embracing your body without shame.
Continue reading over at Womanista!

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