Roman à clef: June 2015


She sat at the end of the dock, gliding the tips of her toes ever gently against the glistening lake waters. The sky was blue and crisp, an image she kept in her mind when she closed her eyes and thought about the last time she was here. The two had lay in his boat all day under the sun, talking about everything and anything, while watching the sky slowly turn ablaze with a searing red and fiery orange. It was that night they shared together that made her realize she would forever fall into his charms.

As she waited for him at his family’s lake house in Wawasee, she felt the warmth of the sunshine kiss her pale white skin. With warm rays pouring on every ounce of her, she could feel the heat radiate through ever inch of her body. She tucked her hair behind her ears just when the wind picked up, blowing the sun’s reflection against the moving ripples of the water’s surface. Though the lake was often a hot spot, the corner they always chose to sit at was incredibly quiet and away from everyone—just how he liked it. Amid the silence, she turned her head to hear the faint plop of a fish breaking the surface with ripples widening out. Turning her head to see, she began smiling from ear to ear.

He was walking over, confident and almost jock-like, boasting a bright smile with his eyes locked on her the whole time. As she got up from the end of the dock and straightened her blue dress, she saw him hurrying over to her and increased his speed. Shading her eyes with her hand over her forehead, she could see him coming into view and smiled faintly at every gorgeous feature of his. His dark black hair, his light caramel skin juxtaposed against khaki shorts and a bright green and white Lacoste golf shirt he wore the last time they made love. With the frequency of his wearing it, she began to think it was his lucky shirt.

“You made it,” she said as he got closer. “I was beginning to think I got the days wrong.”

He licked his bottom lip as he held her gently by the shoulders, looking at her with his height hovering over her petite frame. He took a deep breath and gently caressed her luscious golden brown locks. “You worry too much, darling.”

Giggling as the wind batted the ends of her dress, she got on her tippy toes and kissed him gently on the mouth. He bent back her head a bit across his arm, softly, and then with a gradual intensity that made her cling to him as if the wind were to knock them out. His mouth parted her shaking lips as the two locked eyes amidst the silence. Her lips quivered as she gently touched the tip of his chin and kissed it, softly, gently. She loved his chin.

She saw it in his eyes, the longing and fear that ate him. The things he wanted but could never have the courage to confront. It was something that ate at him most nights as she lay in his arms. Whether it was when they cuddled in bed or curled up together out in the cornfield behind his house, there was a moment of silence she often understood when she would catch him dazing off into the distance.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing. It’s just—I like seeing you happy,” he said softly, touching the side of her face.

She smiled faintly as she turned her head down, placing her hand gently on his chest. She took a moment for herself and felt his heart beat against her clammy palm. “I feel it too, you know?”

He stood straight, letting go of her and sighed. “Yeah, so what do you want to do today?”

She cleared her throat and shot him a half smile as she grabbed her sandals. “Anything. I thought maybe lunch and then we can get back here?”

“Sure,” he said looking down at the white planked docks and thinking about the rain shower and thunderstorm expected to hit later that afternoon.

“I thought maybe we can hit up our spot in New Buffalo, have another night on the town?”

He frowned. “Tuesday, darling. We can stay here though, right?”

“Yeah, we can but, so, where is she?” she asked walking beside him as the two headed back to his lake house.

“Chicago. Imagining Unicorns.”

She paused and squinted at him. Scratching the tip of her forehead she let out a breath as if to scoff.

“What?” he stopped in his tracks, turning his head. The sun shone brightly on his short black hair, every strand glistening in the light.

“Do you mean Imagine Dragons?” she asked, gently covering her laugh with the tips of her fingers.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I’m an old soul like you—I couldn’t care less about her music,” he said through a soft grin. As he stood watching her, a weak smile washed over his face ever gently. His brown eyes locked on hers, beaming with a passion reminiscent of glowing embers in a dark night sky. She was an image he could hardly wipe from his head, especially with the dress she wore for him. He knew it wouldn’t be on for long, but it was one he loved seeing her in.

“What is it?” she asked, pouting and frowning. She looked down at her feet and back at him, her golden hair bouncing off her perky breasts. She tucked her hair behind her ear, something he knew she did often when nervous.

“Nothing, you just look really pretty,” he said edging his hand towards her ever slightly and looking at her pale fingers accented with classic red nail polish. “Come on.”

She rolled her eyes and scoffed as she felt his fingertips brush her hand. She spread her fingers and let his slip around hers until she felt the warmth of his palm pressed against her own. With a firm grip, the two walked back to his lake house, hand-in-hand looking at each other, secretly wishing time would stand still.

© Tania Hussain, 2016 | Roman à clef: June 15 – June 19, 2015

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