Movie Review: An Impressive Battle Royale in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”


After an on-going controversy stemming from its initial production and casting, the highly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice finally opened up last Friday. Although the gladiator matchup of the ages left critics with a bad taste in their mouth and less than kind reviews, the film racked up a little more than an astonishing $420 million at the global box office last weekend—grossing more at the cinema during its opening than the first collaborative Marvel film, The Avengers in 2010.

As of Wednesday, Variety reported that Batman v Superman ranked in a grand haul of $501.9 million worldwide. It seems the more critics hamper down on the allure of the DC Universe’s efforts to create their own box office success and cosmos on the big screen, the more audiences are determined to see what all the fuss is. Evidently, the film, which is an appropriate set-up for future DCU films, has polarized critics and audiences alike as fans are more receptive of the film than the media who seemingly wants to deter audiences in favor of familiarity, ie. the Marvel movie franchises.

We already know the history of Clark Kent/Superman and Bruce Wayne/Batman, but in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are given a peek into the preliminary coupling between the two. While the title of the film may give it all away, this film is not at all tale of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel sitting down for shawarmas after a sweaty battle and buddying it up. The film pays homage to the duo’s dynamic from the darker comic books, exploring their rivalry, partnership, and ultimately, friendship. Of course, all of that encompasses grit and darkness, something most are not use to seeing on the big screen when it comes to superhero films. But it is a superhero film nonetheless, and one that really stands on its own in the most positive way.

If you’re interested in watching the film for yourself, there are some spoilers beyond this point, so read at your own discretion.

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