Womanista: March 2016

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As we bid adieu to March, it’s actually pretty surprising how quickly the month went by. Is it me or is this year going by super fast? Well, this month has been stellar—especially for Womanista. It was recorded that the official authority on fabulous registered 2.66 million unique users according to comScore in January 2016! Pretty awesome, huh? From friendship to beauty hacks and advice, questions to ask before moving in (or even getting married) to hair color trends this spring, here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the month of March.

March 30, 2016: The 6 Kinds of Friends Every Woman Needs | No woman is an island, and you’ve probably thought about which friends you’d want by your side if you found yourself stranded on one. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 28, 2016: What To Consider When Moving In With Your Significant Other | After numerous dates and “I love you’s,” you and your partner have decided to move in together! {CONTINUE READING…}

March 26, 2016: Science Says These 7 Home Decor Essentials Will Make You Happy | There’s nothing quite like plopping down on your couch after a long day’s work or whipping up a home-cooked meal in your kitchen. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 24, 2016: Diaper Bag Beauty Hacks |  Multi-tasking moms, you are our heroes. Balancing the checkbooks with one hand and your little one on your hip. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 23, 2016: How to Get Your Workout On at Work | Country music queen Dolly Parton was right — working nine to five is some way to make a living. From office meetings to conferences and running errands, it gets hard to squeeze a workout in most days. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 22, 2016: 8 Celebrity-Inspired Hair Color Trends for Spring | After a cold, colorless winter hammering much of the country and frizzing our lovely locks, it’s an understatement to say we’re looking forward to spring. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 21, 2016: 7 Things That Make You Hungrier | If you’ve ever had a moment where that hunger is so powerful it feels like your stomach is sucking up against your spine — you’re not alone. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 19, 2016: What to Consider When Taking Back a Cheater | Infidelity is not an easy subject to discuss, Womanistas. It can be one of the more devastating relationship crimes to commit. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 13, 2016: How to Beat Your Bad Mood NOW | It’s natural to feel down some times or super angry about things, but there are ways to work around these bad moods and not have it ruin your day. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 12, 2016: 5 Ways Stress Affects Your Body | We’ve all experienced some kind of stress in our daily routines. Whether it’s immediate frustration like waiting in line or a prolonged distress like job loss or divorce… {CONTINUE READING…}

March 10, 2016: Spring Awakening – Reclaim Your Skin This Season | With the warmer weather arriving and winter fading more every day, it’s time to make amends and reclaim our glowing skin for a new season. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 7, 2016: 6 Ways to Change Your Life in Under 10 Minutes | Making positive changes doesn’t require us to take huge leaps of faith or invest in some wonder product. {CONTINUE READING…}

March 5, 2016: How To Plan the Perfect Road Trip This Spring | Spring is the perfect time of year for a cross-country road trip. In all its beauty and vitality, the new season inspires us to step out of the harshness of winter… {CONTINUE READING…}

March 2, 2016: How To Get Rid of Bloating in 24 Hours | We’ve all had days where we feel a lot like the Michelin Man. Certain foods can wreak havoc on our stomachs and cause rough bouts of bloating. {CONTINUE READING…}

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