How Positive Affirmations Work For You

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I’ve been through a lot in the past few months, both emotionally and mentally and one thing I know is that I am better than the circumstances have presented. While people can be foolish and sweep their difficulties under the rug or live in denial like I mentioned in one of my last posts, I’ve come to learn that I am so much more tougher than I believe. I’m also so much more well-rounded in my thinking now than some others might be. It’s sad when people don’t see their real worth and decide they should just settle, be unhappy and think because they’ve made their bed, it’s best. Of course, that’s just insecurity or like I’ve reiterated before, stemming from a fear ingrained so far back into our history that we can’t see a way out of it.

In one of my latest (and most recently, favorites!) for Womanista, I really dug deep. After being in a six-year “relationship” with someone one of my best friends suggests might have been a “narcissistic sociopath” (her words, not mine), I have to find a way out of the hole he intentionally and selfishly dug me in. While he never verbally abused me nor hurt me physically (he was always so gentle—down to a touch), he was an emotional manipulator and drove me to believe things I believed far and instinctively in my gut. (Ah, my sweet, sweet Casanova!) Of course, that on-and-off of his own insecurity and relationship indecision ended up feeding doubt to my own thinking and produced immense pain. So, in my latest titled, “How Positive Affirmations Work For You,” I show readers how to change their thinking in order to change their lives through positive self-talk.

When we are in bad relationships or have terrible self-esteem stemming from childhood trauma and conflicts, we often believe we deserve it. We think we deserve all the bad things and bad thoughts, and those statements that are untrue become a standard we follow. We believe all that negativity is real. That we’ve made our choices and this is it. But, with a steadfast faith and strong belief in yourself that you are better, you can change those processes to increase positive habits of self-love.

Without further adieu…

Womanista | How Positive Affirmations Work For You

With the ins and outs of life, a majority of us often succumb to negativity more so than positivity. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found negative attitudes are far more contagious than positive ones, drawing the conclusion that our outlooks become more influenced by bad news than good.
Between body shaming and untrue statements of self-worth, it’s no doubt we’re our own worst critics. Whether ingrained from childhood or past experiences, this type of thinking becomes a norm through habit, which is why it’s crucial to change our thinking to change our lives.
Regarded as constructive self-talk, positive affirmations are statements about our situation and selves phrased in the present tense as if it were already true. A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found those using self-affirmations perform better in daily tasks.
Affirmations work best through helping us change ourselves through adjusting and replacing insecurity with something better — something more productive to our mental health. By taking baby steps, self-assurance through positive talk can reprogram our thinking so we better understand our real self-worth.

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