Do The Potters of the World Escape Karma?

Mr Potter

Galatians 6:7 – “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life’s relationships and karma. There are some really mean, heartless people out there. They manage to use you, step on you, take advantage of your feelings, bully you into a corner, throw you under a bus, and all of it for the sake of their own selfish gain. Sure, cruel and cutting remarks are shared everyday in our world, but 99 percent of the time, we’re hurt by the ones we know and love. And unfortunately, these injuries run deeper than expected and are more painful because the person who is the source of love suddenly betrays that affection and promise, either intentionally or otherwise. (Though in this case, fear of abandonment and family history.)

I have been hurt by people like this—two walking oddities (only one of whom I care for and love) that I appropriately bid as Tom and Daisy (Fitzgerald’s tragic characters from The Great Gatsby). We know the story of Tom and Daisy, egocentric beings, living away from others, who tread the path of shallow rug sweepers. They do what they want and manage to get what they want. But this isn’t about the two of them. This is more about the divine—the Universe and God.

Do you recall Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life? He was incredibly cruel. Treated everyone most heartlessly and with contempt. Lately, during nights of crying and reflection, I think about Mr. Potter. Mr. Potter, somewhat infamous for being the heartless villain of the film, gets away with all the horrible actions he made by the end of the film. While lovable, sweet and kind George Bailey goes on an epiphany quest with Clarence Oddbody, Mr. Potter keeps the money Uncle Billy lost, and rats him out for fraud to the bank examiner. Of course, everything works out for George but the karmic reactions of Mr. Potter go unseen, which makes you wonder…

Did he get away with it? Does he ever get away with it? Actually, the question I want to ask is, do the Mr. (and Miss) Potters of the world get away with the wrongs they commit? Some nights I feel like they do. I have seen plenty of people in my time get away with being mean, cruel and heartless to others. As a matter of fact, we see it every day in the workplace, politics, social settings, etc. And it’s not fair. While laying in bed tonight, staring at the ceiling as the lights of cars make their way through the blinds, the thought crosses my mind that Mr. (and Miss) Potter are going to get away with hurting others because they’ve become smart. They’ve become the apt pupil when it comes to manipulating a circumstance for their own gain. And they’ve learned this from watching others, quietly, shyly and let’s be honest, not everyone has a happy ending like George Bailey.

While I’m mentally stronger than others I know, I still feel pain in my heart from past situations. The pain is never going to leave as I truly believe our scars are a defining part of us and the most important part of us. They teach us things, they show us our real worth and prove to us how settling is for losers. But karma, whether good or bad is something that I know exists. I’ve seen it complement my faith as to when I do good things in the universe, good things come back. And thankfully, with the path I’ve been treading, God has graced me with kindness and love. And I still see it because I’ve chosen to live that way since letting go of Tom and Daisy in some physical sense.

But it makes me wonder about the bad people in life. The Toms and Daisys, and Mr. Potters. The hurtful people. The ones who betray your trust and heart. Do they ever get what they deserve? Why do the Mr. (and Miss) Potters of the world get away with hurting others, breaking their hearts and turning their backs? I know life isn’t fair, but karma. Does it exist for such beings? It doesn’t seem to and it makes me wonder if they’ll ever outsmart karma as they have with so many others.

Do the Potters of the world truly get away with it?


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