7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Los Angeles based interior designer, Stacey Vuduris for Womanista. Vuduris is a very talented and incredibly skilled designer with an apt eye for the most stylish trends in home design and decor. With a design philosophy of sleek modernity and warm, fresh textured tones, she has a knack for creating beautiful, personal spaces that feel exactly like the home you want. It was incredibly fun to collaborate with Vuduris on this interview and enlist her expertise on how we, as homeowners, can spruce up our homes without exhausting our wallets.

Womanista | 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or want to reinvigorate its value, it pays to make your home the oasis of your dreams. Yet those ideas of boosting its worth or making it more appealing can be daunting.
Los Angeles-based interior designer to the stars, Stacey Vuduris of Stacey Vuduris Design believes that when a budget is tight, complete tasks in phases.
“It’s better to do things right than to try to do everything at once and skimping on each room,” Vuduris says. “I know this is difficult when you want to do everything ‘right now,’ but think long term and look at the big picture — this is your home, your biggest investment.”
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