4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

{Image Credit: iStock}

If you’ve been thinking of tackling your wedding on your own, give it another thought. While it might seem like the more cost effective choice to make, there are many progressive parts involved in designing a wedding. From the venue to the cake, to the dress, invitations, and so much more — the last thing you need is a giant, unflattering blemish caused by stress to make its appearance during vows.

As any couple knows, it’s a huge amount of work for those inexperienced with putting together such a big event. According to a report from The Knot, nearly one in three couples hires an event or wedding planner as 50 percent of brides found that planning their own wedding was way more stressful than expected.

While a wedding coordinator is essentially the same thing as a planner, wedding planners go beyond all that day-of planning. By working with you from the first day to the big day, wedding planners become more than just an extension of you — they’re a large part of your life as many will spend up to a year with you getting everything sorted.

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