Letter from the Editor: The Power of Initiative

LFTE - V02

I am amazed at how quickly time has been passing. To believe it’s now September and there are three more full months ahead is truly unbelievable. This year has definitely seen its vicissitudes on a global scale and has been hard for plenty of us. But while it started out relatively rough for me, I’ve learned in the months since, a lot about myself and what it means to have a strong faith in the work I do.

It might sound repetitive, but it is not easy to mend a broken heart. I have been trying for months to find some sort of way to get out of this tangled web of heartache that sometimes still lingers through parts of me. Yet through it, I dove further into work — writing, to be more exact. I love writing and not only has it been an appreciated form of catharsis, but I’ve found my steady focus on work as a means of helping understand my purpose in this world, while healing this scarred part of me.

If a broken heart has taught me anything, it’s that I never want to live a life of stagnancy. There are some times in our life when we run pretty stagnant and wonder what more could we be doing to fulfill our lives. Meaning and purpose can be hard to decipher when we’re so unsure of where to head or how to get there. However, this past year has shown me that by following your gut and working hard, you can unleash your passion simply by taking initiative.

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