Revlon Mega Multiplier: Review of the #RevlonXLashes VoxBox

With volume and drama, a strong set of eyelashes have the power to instantly update your look with just a few steps. This past summer, I was granted the opportunity to test out the Revlon Mega Multiplier care of Influenster Canada.

If you don’t know what Influenster is, it is an incredible community for social media enthusiasts like myself who share thoughts and reviews on various products they like or dislike. Through submitting reviews of products — new and old — you can qualify for free products to test out and review. I was lucky to receive this complimentary product to try out in my makeup regime.

As someone who has fairly small lashes and is looking for depth in the eye department, I am constantly on the hunt for something dramatic and bold without looking or feeling overdone, or that whole falsie-appearance. With the way my work schedule is, I don’t exactly have much time to really spend on makeup (or much of a social life that grants time), so a quick five-minute face, including a good mascara always does the trick.

When I received the “Blackened Brown” as part of the Revlon x Lashes VoxBox, I was super excited at first to try it, but now I have mixed feelings about the product as a whole.

With a promise to “plump and extend lashes for mega volume and extreme length,” the Revlon Mega Multiplier features unique fibers sealed in 360° tubes and deposits the formula from lash line to tip. While that might be a bold statement from Revlon, I found that promise actually fell a bit short.

The collage presented above shows the “after” of my lashes. Sure they appear long and dark, but they just didn’t add enough “oomph” to what I really wanted. And bold, dramatic lashes are a must when I’m not applying too much makeup.

While I love the shape of the wand and how it feels in your hand when applying as it helps get to those pesky inner corners, I was not impressed in how it didn’t really deliver on drama or depth. Did it smudge? No. Did it flake? No. Was it a pain to remove? Not at all. In fact, you can remove easily with warm water. But that said, I just wasn’t really impressed. And because of that, I’m not quite sure if that’s the mascara in Revlon’s collection I would turn to for those very needs.

I think it’s good for everyday wear, but if you have tiny eyelashes like mine, you might be disappointed with it over time as it doesn’t really help in making your look stand out. It feels like any other mascara from the drugstore and Revlon has actually done so much better than having their products feel like an economical choice. It does nothing for your look, especially if you do full-face makeup. I wish it could have been more dramatic and add more volume.

Have you tried Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara? What were your thoughts? What is your favorite Revlon product? Leave me a comment below.

* * * * *

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Thank you, very much Influenster! Follow them on their social networks at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,InstagramGoogle+, and YouTube, for updates and how you can be part of the Influenster community!


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