These Are the 7 Best Places to Live in the United States for 2017

For so many of us, relocating to a new city is a daunting experience. From finding new neighborhood favorites to maintaining sociability, moving has the power to leave you mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. But as you know the saying, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and it’s true in more ways than one.

The U.S. is a beautiful nation, full of vibrant cities that stand out on their own influence to attract visitors from around the world. But which of these is actually the best livable location for you and your family?

U.S. News & World Report released its list of the “Best Places to Live in America for 2017” after ranking the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. According to the report, these metro areas are evaluated by looking at five categories: desirability, value, job markets, quality of life and net migration.

Whether you plan on moving this year or are looking to visit a fresh, desirable city this spring, we look at the top seven best places to live in the United States for 2017 with help from U.S. News & World Report.

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Letter from the Editor: What a Broken Heart Can Teach You

LFTE - V02

Something I have heard from many in the last month is how heartbroken they have been feeling since last fall. As a feeling I too have experienced while watching the world change every second, it’s no secret that a broken heart can take a toll on the best of us.

And there is nothing more painful than that. Heartbreak takes each of us on a seemingly endless rollercoaster ride, while pulling at the frayed fringe of our very being that leave us weakened and hurt. Yet, as the late Leonard Cohen sings in his popular song, “Anthem,” there is a crack in everything and “that’s how the light gets in.”

It might sound preposterous, but a broken heart has the power to not only motivate and improve our lives for a healthier well-being, but also unleash a great creativity you have never imagined.

If you watched the Golden Globes this month, you might have seen Meryl Streep sharing wise words from the late Carrie Fisher that urged all those with broken hearts to rise up and “take your broken heart, make it into art.”

The Hudsucker was one such venture. While the idea manifested through faith thanks to our Senior Managing Editor, Katherine, the very foundations and motivations of this online magazine were built upon a broken heart.

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How to Reach Success Using Creative Visualization

If you want to succeed, you have to believe you can. You might think about being successful and reaching your goals all the time, but our life and the circumstances we find ourselves in often have another plan for us every single day. In case you didn’t know, what you usually think up is what you ultimately become. It might sound a little daunting, but with the way the universe is, whatever you choose to concentrate on is what you have the power to attract. Meaning, the more you visualize a goal, the more you can accomplish it.

Regarded as a powerful technique to help you transform your life, creative visualization is a key component in helping you use your imagination and dreams to affect more positive changes in your life. It might sound a lot like Aladdin rubbing a magic lamp and making a wish, but it is a natural process that pushes us to become the architect of our lives as we attract success and prosperity in our lives.

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Making the Competition Sweat: Chatting with PiperWai’s Co-Founders

{Image Credit: PiperWai}

According to a study from the scientific journal, PLOS ONE, when you’re sweating from intense amounts of stressful activities that put you under pressure, not only can others see it on you — but they can smell it too.

Staining your favorite top and emitting that intense bodily odor is a real world problem that sends so many of us in the pits. But a new innovative and gender-neutral product is making waves with consumers who are seeking a healthy and all-natural option to traditional antiperspirants.

After debuting Piperwai, the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant on ABC’s award-winning series, Shark Tank last December, Philadelphia-born founders and creators, Sarah Ribner, 26, and Jess Edelstein, 27, are taking their entrepreneurial venture to new heights with the highly anticipated stick applicator version of their popular product on Dec.15.

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Luke Bryan Pays It Back with His Latest EP and “Farm Tour”

{Image Credit: Capitol Records Nashville}

For years, reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan has given fans new music every spring break with his annual beach party-themed EPs. Fun-filled and nostalgic for old crowds and new, the records have been a favorite among many since its initial debut in 2009.

But after ending the highly anticipated tradition just last spring, Bryan is turning a new leaf this fall as he returns with a new collection of music — one the award-winning artist is better associated with: his country boy roots.

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Letter from the Editor: The Power of Initiative

LFTE - V02

I am amazed at how quickly time has been passing. To believe it’s now September and there are three more full months ahead is truly unbelievable. This year has definitely seen its vicissitudes on a global scale and has been hard for plenty of us. But while it started out relatively rough for me, I’ve learned in the months since, a lot about myself and what it means to have a strong faith in the work I do.

It might sound repetitive, but it is not easy to mend a broken heart. I have been trying for months to find some sort of way to get out of this tangled web of heartache that sometimes still lingers through parts of me. Yet through it, I dove further into work — writing, to be more exact. I love writing and not only has it been an appreciated form of catharsis, but I’ve found my steady focus on work as a means of helping understand my purpose in this world, while healing this scarred part of me.

If a broken heart has taught me anything, it’s that I never want to live a life of stagnancy. There are some times in our life when we run pretty stagnant and wonder what more could we be doing to fulfill our lives. Meaning and purpose can be hard to decipher when we’re so unsure of where to head or how to get there. However, this past year has shown me that by following your gut and working hard, you can unleash your passion simply by taking initiative.

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How Journaling Can Improve Your Life

{Image Credit: Stocksnap}

Between pimply, youthful dreams, pages plastered with Lisa Frank stickers and all that blue-penned angst, notebooks have a teenager-y sort of stigma. But “journaling” (as we refer to it in the post-puberty stages), is the next big trend this year following coloring books. The tradition of healthy reflections dates far back with some of the earliest journal writers including the Greeks, Romans, Japanese women of the 10th century and “enlightened” individuals during the Renaissance period.

However, by keeping a journal of sorts through a notebook or today’s standard, a blog, we allow ourselves a better chance to discover who we are. Journaling is a valid method in remembering ourselves when we first experienced specific moments. As a tool in recollection and contemplation for sincere living, journaling aids greatly in the big or loud aspects of our life. From happiness to hurt, first loves to heartbreaks, achievements to failures, writing down our thoughts helps keep a record of “what it felt to be me” during a period you might not realize was a learning experience.

In reflecting on those written words, we gain valuable bits of knowledge and insight into the puzzle of our purpose. From there, we are able to construct a life well worth living and loving through responsive emotions and thoughts. By increasing our own self-awareness and delving deeper into our true voices, we are able to make better-informed decisions to honor who we truly are.

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Letter from the Editor: Celebrating Our Third Anniversary

Today is a pretty awesome day because our team is celebrating three years since our online magazine’s creation! As the Editor-in-Chief of a flourishing hot-spot on the web, I am extremely humbled and happy knowing that we are one of your go-to spots for fresh, invigorating content. It’s an honor for not just me, but our whole team as we get to share with you how we see the world, dive into topics making a rumble in the news, and talk to individuals either making a difference in their communities or sharing their talent through various mediums. Since our inception, it has been our motto to continue to publish what we know best and grow together as an upcoming force in the ever-growing online realm.

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