How to Co-Parent Like an Adult and Make Life Way Easier Without the Crazy

Relationships are hard, but divorce can be much harder. As an ugly beast filled with a wide-range of emotions and a dose of bitterness, divorce can present some frustrating challenges for couples — like co-parenting.

While both parents are often caught in a cycle of retaliation due to the mental and emotional harm each has inflicted on the other due to doubt, irreconcilable differences or infidelity, they often don’t understand how their actions can actually affect their child’s life.

A report from CBS News found children living in single-parents homes marred by divorce were not only twice as likely to develop serious psychiatric illnesses and addictions later in life, but were more likely to feel insecure, unloved and unimportant.

Though divorce might be the only solution for some couples, there are several ways to effectively co-parent without life getting crazy. We might look towards celebrities as models who undergo starry steps for ‘conscious uncoupling,’ but the key is to be effective role models to your children in the most hostile of relationships for the betterment of their positive environment.

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6 Surprising Reasons You Should Take a Nap Every Day

In an age of immediacy and promptness, naps have a pretty bad reputation. For years, many have seen them as way out of a high stakes project or a continuous form of lethargy, but news flash: napping isn’t just for children anymore. And if we are being honest, kids are definitely benefiting from naps.

Whether you’re sleep deprived or just looking for a way to relax during the day, research suggests the rhetoric built around napping is kind of old-fashioned. In fact, numerous studies boost an array of benefits for napping every day that include helping to boost your memory, reduce stress, and enhance your productivity.

In case you hadn’t noticed post-Daylight Saving Time because you might be a tad tired, today is National Napping Day! If you are feeling a bit groggy from losing that extra hour of sleep that winter so warmly provided, we outline a few benefits of why napping is so awesome and help you on your way to an afternoon siesta.

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The Prospect of ‘St. Judy’s Comet’

As one of my good friends gears up to have her first child this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot of my own dreams for starting a family. Regardless of having a significant other in my life presently or tomorrow, I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, with the option of adoption. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve seen how hard my own mother has worked over the years in raising one son and two daughters—one who grew gravely ill too; and with everything I’ve learned and seen, I always think, “Well, that’s something for me.” I know children are a huge responsibility and it boils down to maturity (I’m still someone who sings in an operatic manner while washing dishes) and realism, but I anticipate the day I get to become a mom. (more…)

Raising Hope: Malala Yousafzai – The World’s Symbol of Promise

From a purely humanistic approach, life is not about how fast you can run or how high you can climb over the obstacles. The value as to the purpose of life may pertain to a higher purpose of confronting ultimate reality; to live one’s dreams, to matter in life, to count and to stand for something; to have made some difference in other people’s lives through personal sacrifices and ordeals; to follow or submit to destiny; to face our fears, hopes and then to accept the lessons life offers us; or to challenge oppression, and do it so with perseverance and faith with ability to bounce back.

This is what Malala Yousafzai embodies and personifies. It’s been said that everyone has the ability to become the hero of their own life story as it’s essential to fight for what you believe is right. This year the world met a brave young girl who has not just been a hero to many oppressed in a socially ravaged part of our world, but has become one of the most influential and talked about people. The amazing thing is, this charming young woman is only fourteen years old and already creating quite an impression with many worldwide.

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David Cook Gives Back

It was Nelson Mandela who once said about education that it is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world and from what life has taught us, it’s rather true. Education is a process to living and learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Its aim should be to teach us rather how to think, than being told what to think and in toe, improve our minds as to enabling us to think for ourselves. It is a mandatory part of our civilization and a major part of education is encouragement.

Somebody who understands the value of education is season seven winner of American Idol, David Cook. Cook, whose interest in music began at a young age was singing in the second grade and was encouraged further by his music teacher, Ms. Gentry to carry on singing. She saw such potential in the young Cook and gave him a solo part in the school’s Christmas pageant. It was from that moment on – just a sheer push, that Cook realized his dreams of pursuing a career in singing.

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