international women’s day

‘One Is Not Born a Woman, But Becomes One…’

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” — Michelle Obama

Happy International Women’s Day to all the fearless, kindhearted young girls and women who work hard to empower others and inspire change! No matter who you are, where you are in life or who you are with, never forget how strong, capable, beautiful and important you are. You deserve better and you definitely deserve to know you are worth more than what you believe.

Acclaimed French writer and novelist, Simone de Beauvoir’s words are inspiring as she shares, “One is not born a woman, but becomes one.” It is hard to be a grown-up, but it is even harder to be a women in today’s world. Left, right and center, women are taken advantage of by those in power, hurt by those who choose to lie, and left behind due to a society’s insecurity. de Bouvier made note that while we are not born anything in this life, we only come into our own when we meet with circumstances that arm us through stronger knowledge of the world around us and the relationships we form. Everything we are at this moment is the upshot of the choices we make, whether good or bad. We don’t just create our own values and morals based on what we feel empowers us — we create our identities and who we are at this very instant in existence.

I have known women who have been cheated on, I have seen women who have been disrespected in the workplace, and I have seen women struggle to get where they want to be. But what is holding you back? If things are horrible and circumstances point to desolation, heartbreak and a continuous stream of failure, what makes you think you deserve the life you are leading right now? You are your own person and no one can take that away from you. Be bold for change and know you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

While women should be celebrated every day and honored with respect by each and every one of us, today is the one day we take out as a familial unit in the world to celebrate women and the amazing progress, change and impact we have each made in this world. When speaking from the heart, I can say I’ve been blessed in my life with an abundance of inspiring female role models, from my two grandmothers, my mother and sister, to my amazing friends and remarkable team of Womanistas.

Some are mistaken and think today is just for women, but it’s quite the contrary. Though we honor women, the bright, intellectual male is also one who understands that an equal society benefits both men and women, and that toxic ideas of masculinity and sexism hurt all of us. I have seen a positive attitude of feminism from my father every day who raises my sister and I to be strong-willed and defiant in the face of adversity, and in past instances with my best friend, who held his mother, sister and grandmother to great reverence. The support from these two intellectual men alone and how they honor the women in their life with such love, respect and trust raises hope that as a society, we can and will do better when it comes to gender disparity. 

As a society when we work together, we enhance each other and open up dialogue for positive attitudes and increased action. So here’s to the strong women: may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. Amen. 

“Awoman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.” — Melinda Gates

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and though there seems to be a ‘celebrated day’ for everything now, this is the one day that is not like any other. We celebrate this day and honor women who have not only paved our way for a brighter future, but have brought great success and progression to our rights and overall quality of life. Each year on March 8 we take out time to remind ourselves that women not only inspire us, but can and will change the world when given the opportunity.

Growing up is not easy for girls given that we are not always taken seriously. A lot of the time we’re cast into a gender-specific mold, and told to like the color pink, or buy Barbie dolls, or only play with the girls at the playground. However, I have been so fortunate in my twenty some years to be constantly surrounded by beautiful and intellectual women who were strong-minded and genuinely appreciated authenticity and individuality. All of which helped me become a wiser and stronger girl with a balanced life style, while allowing me to appreciate and enjoy everything growing up, including playing with Barbie dolls, Ghostbusters action figures, my Hot Wheels collection, and run around with boys and then come home in my muddy overalls. I got to be the girl I wanted to be by challenging myself. Through it all, I was able to find my strengths and work on my weaknesses thereby helping me to acquire wisdom and motivation by overcoming obstacles. I haven’t always made the best choices in life, but I have made them and I have no regrets because I do believe I am a strong and brave young woman, full of life, love and bright-eyed wonderment.

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