6 Surprising Reasons You Should Take a Nap Every Day

In an age of immediacy and promptness, naps have a pretty bad reputation. For years, many have seen them as way out of a high stakes project or a continuous form of lethargy, but news flash: napping isn’t just for children anymore. And if we are being honest, kids are definitely benefiting from naps.

Whether you’re sleep deprived or just looking for a way to relax during the day, research suggests the rhetoric built around napping is kind of old-fashioned. In fact, numerous studies boost an array of benefits for napping every day that include helping to boost your memory, reduce stress, and enhance your productivity.

In case you hadn’t noticed post-Daylight Saving Time because you might be a tad tired, today is National Napping Day! If you are feeling a bit groggy from losing that extra hour of sleep that winter so warmly provided, we outline a few benefits of why napping is so awesome and help you on your way to an afternoon siesta.

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These Are the 7 Best Places to Live in the United States for 2017

For so many of us, relocating to a new city is a daunting experience. From finding new neighborhood favorites to maintaining sociability, moving has the power to leave you mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. But as you know the saying, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and it’s true in more ways than one.

The U.S. is a beautiful nation, full of vibrant cities that stand out on their own influence to attract visitors from around the world. But which of these is actually the best livable location for you and your family?

U.S. News & World Report released its list of the “Best Places to Live in America for 2017” after ranking the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. According to the report, these metro areas are evaluated by looking at five categories: desirability, value, job markets, quality of life and net migration.

Whether you plan on moving this year or are looking to visit a fresh, desirable city this spring, we look at the top seven best places to live in the United States for 2017 with help from U.S. News & World Report.

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Womanista: July 2016

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How is it already August? Well, I hope you had a wonderful July. With the summer drawing to a close, Womanista, the official authority of fabulous presented some amazing content that will definitely have you bookmarking articles to read now and later. From how to build emotional and mental resilience, to what you need to get your groom for your wedding day, to the best state fairs in the U.S., here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle website for the month of July.

July 29, 2016: 5 Foods to Help Melt Those Love Handles | Whether you call it a muffin top or a spare tire, that ring of fat that collects around our lower belly can be one of the more sigh-worthy things we look at on a daily basis. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 27, 2016: How to Own Your Failures and Use Them To Grow | Everyone loves hearing a good success story, but we immediately freak out or cringe the moment failure pops up. What is it about failure that scares so many of us? {CONTINUE READING…}

July 25, 2016: 6 Things Healthy People Do Before Bed | There’s no denying bedtime is one of the most desirable moments of our day. Spreading out like a starfish and just dozing off into a comfortable…  {CONTINUE READING…}

July 24, 2016: 5 Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids Before the Age of 10 | If there’s one thing we realize most about adulthood and as we get older, it’s that understanding money… {CONTINUE READING…}

July 22, 2016: 5 Procedures to Consider for Your Newborn | Between juggling responsibility, relationships and a beautiful new life on its way, pregnancy can be stressful. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 20, 2016: Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning | Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon or Carrie Underwood seem to have naturally glowing skin at all times, and now you can too. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 18, 2016: Building Mental and Emotional Resilience 101 | We all try to plan and organize our lives the way we want, but in all its beauty and frustrations life is never what we want it to be. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 17, 2016: What to Get Your Groom on Your Wedding Day | When it comes to the wedding, all eyes are usually on the bride. But truth be told, a wedding isn’t what it is without our loving groom! {CONTINUE READING…}

July 16, 2016: PMS Relief – Cures for Your Most Common Symptoms | We’ve all been there—headaches, cramps, bloating and breakouts that time themselves perfectly before a big event. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 14, 2016: The Biggest U.S. State Fairs | A longstanding expression of summer and a prized symbol of Americana, state fairs across the United States attract millions each year. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 13, 2016: Cool Your Head – 5 of the Most Common Headaches | If you think headaches are just another part of a busy lifestyle between juggling work, family and your sanity, think again. {CONTINUE READING…}

July 5, 2016: 6 Foods that Safely Keep Away Bug Bites | Summertime brings around good friends, good food, starry nights and oh, right — bug bites. Annoying creepy-crawlies might be the last thing… {CONTINUE READING…}

July 2, 2016: 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget | Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or want to reinvigorate its value, it pays to make your home the oasis of your dreams. {CONTINUE READING…}

Womanista: June 2016

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It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it? June has come and gone, and with it some amazing articles were published over at Womanista! From the five best pregnancy exercises for every trimester to how we can become more patient, to even adding an extra hour to our day, here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the summery month of June.

June 30, 2016: 6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil as Part of Your Beauty Regime | There are a few natural ingredients on this planet we can confidently deem as miracle antidotes, but the hard-shelled coconut comes pretty close as the one. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 29, 2016: 7 Science-Supported Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits | With the arrival of summer and vacation time abound, our eating habits usually tend to suffer. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 21, 2016: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos | You said “yes” and now it’s officially time to start thinking about the wedding venue and finding that perfect dress. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 15, 2016: 6 Steps to Becoming More Patient | Whether it’s regarding that promotion at work, taking the next big step in your relationship or just waiting in a hot, sweaty traffic jam, waiting really is the hardest part. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 10, 2016: The 5 Best Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester | When you’re expecting, it’s essential to keep moving! Exercising while with a bun in the oven helps alleviate so many common problems associated with pregnancy. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 9, 2016: 6 Foods to Stay Away from in the Summer | Between BBQ, cold sandwiches and that family recipe of creamy potato salad, summer brings a large array of delicious foods to satiate our appetites. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 6, 2016: 6 Ways to Add an Extra Hour to Your Day | Time management is a growing issue in almost everyone’s life as there’s just never enough hours in the day to tend to all our tasks. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 5, 2016: The Top 7 Theme Parks to Visit This Summer | Though it might just be a few more days until summer officially arrives, June is the quintessential month to take part in a slew of outdoor activities. {CONTINUE READING…}

June 3, 2016: Soothe Your Skin with Thermal Water | Beloved by beauty experts and models alike, thermal water is one the best ways in keeping skin looking clean and fresh all day long. {CONTINUE READING…}

Womanista: May 2016

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Boy, did May really pass by, right? It’s been a stellar month and of course, Womanista, the official authority of fabulous showcased some phenomenal content during the blooming month. From pregnancy preparation and baby health, to alternative vacation ideas, learning a foreign language, and weddings, here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the month of May.

May 31, 2016: 6 Things You Need To Pack for Your Honeymoon | Even though a lot of us have had romantic daydreams of what our honeymoon would be like, between the planning and marrying the love of your life, packing for the trip seems… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 28, 2016: 6 Adult Summer Camps That Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come Reality | Warm sunny days and cozy cabins are the signature of summer camps. And somewhere between the allure of Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer…. {CONTINUE READING…}

May 26, 2016: Opa! How Learning a Foreign Language Can Change Your Life | Traveling can be a fun and enlightening experience, but not so much when you realize you misinterpreted the waiter on your overseas trip only to order slimy insects… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 24, 2016: 6 Reasons You’re Becoming Forgetful | Feeling a bit forgetful lately? Or maybe you’re forgetting to remember why you’re forgetting? If you find yourself hitting the “reset password” option more than usual… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 20, 2016: 5 Alternative Vacation Ideas | Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. For as long as we can remember and our Instagram snaps prove, warmer seasons have been the highlight of our year. {CONTINUE READING…}

May 18, 2016: 6 Reasons to Plan a Barn Wedding | For so many young couples across the United States, there is no wedding venue quite like a serene barn or farmyard amidst the countryside. {CONTINUE READING…}

May 10, 2016: Pregnancy Preparation 101 | Pregnancy brings about a long list of planning to the forefront. From converting that messy office to a cozy nursery, to figuring out what to add in that baby registry… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 5, 2016: Baby Book Club – The Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Infant | Break out the baby books, Womanistas! Recent studies show it’s never too early to start reading aloud to your children. {CONTINUE READING…}

May 4, 2016: How to Overcome Regret and Move Forward | No matter how big or small, regrets are an inescapable part of our lives. Whether it’s revealing too much information online, dating the wrong type of guy or… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 3, 2016: Brushing up on Baby Teeth | You finally got your baby to love their pre-bedtime ritual of lavender-scented sponge baths, baby book reading, and cozy, fuzzy onesies. But what about their teeth… {CONTINUE READING…}

May 1, 2016: Ride On! The Benefits of Biking | Today marks the start of National Bike Month, and it’s no surprise that cycling is one of the most phenomenal ways to get in shape this season. {CONTINUE READING…}

Womanista: April 2016

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Hope you all had a fantastic April! Womanista, the official authority of fabulous showcased some amazing content during the month of love. From ways to tap into your intuition to utilizing worry for your benefit, to making fitness a life-long habit, the best lakes to visit in the U.S., and using nontraditional treatments to help your child, here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle magazine for the month of April.

April 30, 2016: 7 Date Ideas for Spring | A night of cuddles with Netflix and wine might seem like an über romantic evening for two, but spring has officially sprung and that means one thing… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 28, 2016: 6 Life-Saving Tips for Traveling with Kids | As cute as your kids can be, traveling with them can either be a total joy or fear — or a little bit of both. Whether it’s air travel or a road trip, responsibility is… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 27, 2016: Your Guide to Understanding Cellulite | With warmer weather finally here, it’s time to hit the waters in our adorable swimsuits! But for so many women, it’s a daunting season that brings about many feelings regarding those lumps… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 26, 2016: Utilizing Worry for Your Benefit | Work, family, finances, relationships, diets — all of it has the power to send us through a tailspin of anxiety. By constantly ruminating over things that haven’t happened yet, worry is like an emotional crystal ball… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 25, 2016: How to Tap Into Your Intuition | You know when you hear the telephone ring and you know who it is before answering? Or when you’re humming that Sam Hunt song and it appears on the radio? It’s not as freaky as it seems. {CONTINUE READING…}

April 20, 2016: Nontraditional Treatments for Your Child’s Health Concerns| Becoming a parent is an incredible experience, but it’s one that usually causes stress as it involves your child’s health as your top priority. {CONTINUE READING…}

April 15, 2016: 6 Toxic Items You Have in Your Home | While our homes might appear neat and clean, unknown dangers lurk within. Research indicates chemicals in those run-of-the-mill products we use… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 13, 2016: How To Make Fitness a Lifelong Habit | Living a new type of lifestyle is hard work, Womanistas! We truly understand that real world struggle in making adjustments amid the hustle of your busy lifestyle. {CONTINUE READING…}

April 12, 2016: 12 Incredible Grilled Cheese Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Day | National Grilled Cheese Day is finally upon us — melted cheese fans rejoice! Between the Italians and the French, melting cheese atop bread has… {CONTINUE READING…}

April 9, 2016: 10 Amazing U.S. Lakes to Visit This Season | Grab your sunnies because it’s time to hit the lake! When the weather warms up, there’s nothing like traveling to the lake for some quality rest and relaxation. {CONTINUE READING…}

April 6, 2016: 7 Must-Haves for Your Medicine Cabinet | While cluttered drawers and closets often induce silent screams of aversion, medicine cabinets are something we can’t avoid. {CONTINUE READING…}

April 2, 2016: How Positive Affirmations Work for You | With the ins and outs of life, a majority of us often succumb to negativity more so than positivity. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found negative attitudes are… {CONTINUE READING…}

Skincare Saboteurs: How to Safeguard Your Skin This Season

{Image Credit: Getty Images}

It’s no secret that sunscreen is an essential must-have in the fight against melanoma, one of the most common skin cancers in the United States affecting 3.5 million each year.

But with the hustle of everyday life, we either skimp on application, forget to reapply or forgo it completely. While many of us use broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays to reduce our skin’s vulnerability to the sun, chemical filters found in sunscreens absorb UV rays and transform them into energy before they harm our skin.

What’s worse is these filters can often be unstable and break down if used incorrectly or in conjunction with other products that have active ingredients. To help maximize sun protection this spring and summer, we share five common saboteurs that might be undermining how your sunscreen works.

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The Significance (and Science) of Wearing Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick 02

By now we all know how to master a bold, red lip, but did you know there’s a proven science behind sporting the rich and bright shade? It’s true, ladies. Red lipstick is more than just a pop of instant glamour. It’s a beauty product that’s as much a state of mind as it is a cosmetic accent.

We all love a classic and fearless red lip seen on the puckers of Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, or Angelina Jolie who exude a beaming confidence and attitude every time they hit the red carpet. As a color emerging more and more in our daily lives, red lipstick isn’t a new trend at all. In fact, it has a rather lavish history dating back to the Golden Islamic Age.

With rediscovery and an increasing popularity, studies prove wearing red lipstick actually makes a huge statement on your overall well-being. To make this season truly yours and squeeze spring for every ounce of your personal effort and passion, we share four very scientific reasons why wearing red lipstick is über important to your lifestyle.

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