Starbucks to Add a Spring in Your Step With Its Newest Menu

With spring officially here and warmer days ahead, Starbucks is celebrating the excitement of a new season in more ways than one — and we couldn’t be more happy!

Starbucks has been our go-to for years and this season, they are stepping up their game with a plethora of menu items we cannot wait to get a hold of.

After announcing its limited-edition pastel cups featuring whimsical illustrations inside blank white circles for the blossoming season, the Seattle-based coffeehouse just released a plethora of delicious new menu items, teas and a cold brew that is sure to satisfy your coffee and snack addiction this summer.

In honor of a new season and thanks to their consumers’ evolving tastes, Starbucks said in a press release that they are expanding their menu with new food items guaranteed to fuel the warmer days ahead.

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Womanista: October 2016

Womanista Banner

October was a crazy month (both work-wise and emotionally). While my editorial duties at Womanista have expanded more so since August and go beyond original content, I managed to contribute a few original articles in the course of these few weeks that focused on a wide range of subjects. From Halloween ideas for you and the family, to everything you need to know about mammograms, to the latest in health food trends like kañiwa and golden milk, here is a complete list of my contributions to the women’s lifestyle website for the month of October.

Oct. 28, 2016: 10 Easy and Adorable Trunk-or-Treat Ideas | If you’re still decorating your home in anticipation of all the kids ringing your doorbell, it’s time to take a break and put down those beautifully designed pumpkins… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 24, 2016: It’s Not a Cold: What You Need to Know About Sinusitis | As autumn leaves drift around us, it’s no secret the holidays are right around the corner and with it comes colder temperatures perfect for our chunky sweater obsession. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 18, 2016: The Breast Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Mammograms and Early Breast Cancer Detection | Every year, countless Americans and those around the world have endured the pain and hardships caused by cancer. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 14, 2016: Forget Quinoa! Kañiwa is the Superfood You Need in Your Life | Just when we finally learn how to pronounce “quinoa,” another superfood makes its grand entrance into our life with halo-like qualities. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 12, 2016: The Best Spooky Cocktails to Celebrate Halloween | Halloween is crawling up quickly this month and we’re super excited. From the costume planning for you and the kids, to the home decorating with mantels and pumpkins… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 10, 2016: 10 Kid-Friendly and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas | Kids can be hard to please and incredibly fussy eaters — especially when it comes to packing them a healthy lunch. {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 4, 2016: Golden Milk: The Health Food Trend as Good as Gold | Golden Milk, also known as turmeric milk or “haldi ka doodh,” has been earning its spot among health-conscious drinks because of its incredible benefits… {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct. 1, 2016: Try These 10 Free Jack-O’-Lantern Templates | We are now just days away until Halloween and that means only one thing as you run to the pumpkin patches this month — time to carve up some creative jack-o’-lanterns! {CONTINUE READING…}

Desserts Guide: Goshen, Indiana

Earlier this April, I made my first trip up to Goshen thanks in part to my dad’s work. Though my initial trip was short, it was incredibly sweet and very memorable. While I’ve had the chance to better explore it this summer, there is so much to see in this beautiful northern city and I absolutely love it! This past month, I had a chance to share some of my favorite restaurants from my visits over the last few months from a kind, warm place aptly called “Maple City” (Canadian connection, eh?) and one that shares my birthday digits—46528—boom, kismet! But today, I want to share some of my favorite dessert spots that I’ve been frequenting since the spring. Check them out at The Hudsucker!

The Hudsucker | Desserts Guide: Goshen, Indiana

Goshen, Indiana may be a vibrant and artsy city with a bustling foodie scene of delightful restaurants, but these Hoosiers are real dessert lovers at heart. Sure, three square meals packed with innovation in gorgeous entertainment hubs are an incredible asset in charming tourists and inhabitants, but dessert and an affinity to the sweet life is where it’s at in this Midwestern community nicknamed “The Maple City.”
With autumn fast approaching and the leaves changing, there’s no better way to celebrate these last dog days of summer than by indulging in our favorite desserts in this bright and beautiful city. Between brownies and homemade ice cream, to chocolate chip cookies and gorgeous sugar cream pies, there’s no denying that we absolutely love dessert because truthfully, it’s the best part of any meal.
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Restaurant Guide: Goshen, Indiana

There’s a beautiful charm about small towns that captures the attention of everyone. With Indiana celebrating their bicentennial this year, it’s time to skip the urban jungles of this beautiful state and tap into what is one of the most “sweetest” cities in northern Indiana. Nicknamed “The Maple City” and known for its Amish country, Goshen, Indiana is rich in history, while booming with a vibrant arts and culture scene.

As one of my favorite cities and a spot I’ve been frequenting often, this central stop along the beautiful Heritage Trail is a magnet for creative minds who want a bit of wholesome Americana with a twist. From specialty boutiques to cozy cafés, Goshen is alive with a delicious restaurant scene that is not only one of a kind, but perfect for a night out on the town.

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Diner Guide: Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’ve ever been inside an authentic diner, you immediately feel it take you back to a certain place of comfort and nostalgia. Synonymous with apple pie and old-fashioned milk shakes, diners are a real American tradition with a classic vintage touch. Similar to the long open road, today there are thousands of longstanding establishments carrying forth the fashionable foodie category’s rich traditions of affordable comfort food and soulful intimacy.

While there are millions of greasy spoons across the country with delicious fare and an atmosphere inciting nostalgia, we share some of the most acclaimed diners in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. As the state celebrates its bicentennial this year, we know there will be a lot of partying for those traveling to or within the state—and partying means hangovers that require quality greasy food, indulging your core.

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Café Guide: South Bend, Indiana

With Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish heating up the college football scene this season, many are flocking to South Bend, Indiana to catch one of the team’s historical games in all its glory. As visitors head to the city rich with history and a firm foodie milieu, South Bend’s cool café atmosphere is often overlooked.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of drip coffee, lattes, cappuccinos or espressos, with a bite to eat, don’t fumble through the city looking for fast food joints or a name brand coffee company. We’ve got a game plan best suited to kick off your coffee high and savvy brunch needs in what Livability called one of the best college towns of 2014.

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