Starbucks to Add a Spring in Your Step With Its Newest Menu

With spring officially here and warmer days ahead, Starbucks is celebrating the excitement of a new season in more ways than one — and we couldn’t be more happy!

Starbucks has been our go-to for years and this season, they are stepping up their game with a plethora of menu items we cannot wait to get a hold of.

After announcing its limited-edition pastel cups featuring whimsical illustrations inside blank white circles for the blossoming season, the Seattle-based coffeehouse just released a plethora of delicious new menu items, teas and a cold brew that is sure to satisfy your coffee and snack addiction this summer.

In honor of a new season and thanks to their consumers’ evolving tastes, Starbucks said in a press release that they are expanding their menu with new food items guaranteed to fuel the warmer days ahead.

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Letter from the Editor: The Power of Patience

LFTE - V02

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” – Paulo Coelho

Dear Readers,

With summer approaching on the sunny horizon and the calendar finally reaching the half-way point of what seemingly feels like a bit of a rough year, it’s amazing to see how fast time flies. I am completely shocked at how quickly 2016 has gone by. While it personally started a bit rough for me, it got relatively easier thanks to family and friends, work I can be proud of and a future I have faith in that will be waiting for me.

Whether it is good or bad, in many ways I think life is a lot like a book. When we start out, we know nothing—a lot like our own life. Along the way, we come across good chapters and bad chapters, but we never skip ahead due to the discomfort because we simply cannot. It would not make any sense to do so. And quite frankly, you can’t cheat life no matter how much you decide to deny the circumstances unfolding. Instead, we endure pages upon pages of uneasiness and learn things amid the pain and apprehensiveness in hopes to gain some sort of knowledge. With time, those past chapters that were hard to understand at first create a greater comprehension and the other chapters that lie ahead start to make more sense. As the story develops, so do its characters—that is, if we’re lucky. With every page turned, there’s a plot twist or a lesson we learn to a conclusion we’ve long awaited.

The only problem with such a notion of relating life to books is many of us will never finish the book before we die. Many of us will never understand the chapters no matter how far we go ahead and continue looking back to try and make sense of things. Finally, many of us will cheat our way through to march ahead without ever understanding their current place because they’re too afraid to accept the direction their life will take them.

If there’s one thing I learned from having my heart broken last year, it is that living through your gut was better than living in denial of it. Additionally, all that heartache showed me exactly what I needed to. I discovered we must have faith in the timing of our life and practice confidence in patience. While it is a true conquering virtue and can be bitter at times, it serves a purpose because it makes us pay attention to what we need heed most.

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Coffee, Cream and Charity: Serving Up Social Change at The Well

Call it an homage to my roots and how I initially started writing back in the day, but I absolutely love talking to those making a difference in their communities. I feel featuring and lifting up others who pay it forward is one of the more important aspects of feature writing. One such company I deeply admire is The Well, a nonprofit coffeehouse nestled in the heart of South Bend’s River Park neighborhood that donates 100% of its profits to helping residents. Introduced to this amazing cafe thanks to my father and his many visits for work to the city, I knew this was a company that others need to model their business strategy on.

In addition to hosting a slew of events, The Well will be hosting a Princess Fundraiser event to support Lauran and local Iraqi war veteran, Brian Cuyler as they fight to treat Brian’s Stage IV brain cancer.

For more information about The Well and the fundraising event, check out my latest for The Hudsucker where I chat with manager, Megan Chandler of The Well about coffee, community and social change.

The Hudsucker | Coffee, Cream and Charity: Serving Up Social Change at The Well

Whether you call it java, brew, or jitter juice, it’s evident through the frantic morning rush to work you need your caffeine fix. Nestled between hundreds of Starbucks and the independent cafés is one glimmering coffeehouse making a difference, one cup at a time.
Situated in the heart of South Bend’s River Park neighborhood, The Well is the only nonprofit coffeehouse where 100% of the profits go back to the community. Utilizing a pay-what-you-want consumer plan with suggested price donations, customers can pay the amount they are capable of paying in exchange for ethical and delicious coffee.
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USPS Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial: The Town Behind The Stamp

In what was reported last week, the U.S. Postal Service is using an Indiana native’s photograph of a sunset amid a lush northern cornfield for a stamp honoring the state’s bicentennial. 

With Indiana celebrating its bicentennial this year and a growing curiosity of the small, remote town in northern Indiana, it’s the perfect opportunity to share with fellow Hoosiers and enthusiastic travelers the charisma and delight of the image captured in the stamp—the image of Milford, Indiana. Though a relatively remote town, it is a big honor for one with rich roots, first established in 1836.

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Soup’s Up! Bidding Farewell to E!’s “The Soup”

After 22 seasons, E! is finally saying goodbye to The Soup—a weekly pop culture clip show rooted in satire and sarcasm, hailed by fans and critics alike as one of the most hilarious and cleverest programs the network has ever seen. Okay, so maybe the critics never really said much because they’re all pandering to the drama of the socialites and superficial programmingbut it was a fantastic show.

As a true staple on E! for more than two decades and after Joel McHale took the reins and reformatted its predecessor, Talk Soup in 2004 with the help of a fantastic group of writers and producers, simply put, The Soup was ‘broth-taking.’

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“Got Your Six” – Civilians backing officers across the States

In light of the fatal August 28 shooting of Texas Deputy, Darren Goforth, there has been an influx of civilians across the country reaching out to help officers in times of need. Earlier this month, three officers from three different states met with the kindest gestures by civilians who chose to watch out and get the backs  (or the “6”) of those who patrol the streets day-in and day-out.

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Facebook post from earlier this month is going viral after a little girl offered “backup” to an officer refueling his patrol car. IMPD Officer Dustin Keedy was refueling his patrol car on Emerson Avenue in southeast Indianapolis when a little girl and her mother stopped him.

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Consumers Get Roasted as Starbucks Increases Price of Coffee Nationwide

Last month, Starbucks increased the prices of some of its most popular hot beverages by a nickel to 20 cents in the United States.

While customers can expect to see a spike on the small and big sizes of their favorite brewed coffees, The Associated Press reports that the Seattle-based company will keep the prices of their most popular beverages like the Grande Brewed Coffee and members of the Frappucino family unchanged in most U.S. outlets. Attributing the spike to various factors like rent, labor, marketing and supply concerns, Starbucks Corp. believes the increased prices will affect fewer than 20 percent of its customers. However, that assessment is based on the current purchasing habits of consumers, which consists of cold drinks given the current summer weather. Lisa Passe, a representative for the company said the hike will not affect food or packaged coffee, and most likely take affect within that percentage once customers buy warmer drinks as the weather cools.

The higher price menu comes after U.S. roaster J.M Smucker Co. announced at the start of July that it would cut prices for most of its Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brands in a plan to attract more customers.

With Starbucks being a prominent brand in the food industry and constantly widening their menus, this is a clearly story that resonates with all coffee lovers. Considering 54 percent of people drink coffee and an average of 32 million Americans visit Starbucks each month, this is significant news for avid fans of the company. Cue the groans and early-morning-coffee-rage!


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Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

Chris Cuomo - New Day CNN 01

It’s an obvious fact that through the events that take place in our daily routines and practices, life is all about creation. Creation of mind, creation of opportunity and most importantly, creation of self. Someone who has proved his worth through creating a solid self of veracity through opportunities in the ever-evolving field of journalism is CNN New Day’s Chris Cuomo.

With attention to detail, no assumptions, properly phrased questions, an endless curiosity, a deep need to know what is happening around our world, all combined with the ability to hear a small clue and follow it is what truly defines him.

Since pursuing journalism shortly after receiving his law degree from Fordham University in 1995 with an undergraduate from Yale University, Chris Cuomo has always rooted his journalistic principles in bringing to light the realities of life and existentialism.

“I was raised in a way to believe that you have to do something with the opportunity that you’re given in life to help other people,” he tells me shortly after filming the three-hour broadcast of New Day from his CNN office in New York. “You know, the idea of being a collaborator in creation—the idea of being bigger than yourself. It just matters to me.”

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