How Journaling Can Improve Your Life

{Image Credit: Stocksnap}

Between pimply, youthful dreams, pages plastered with Lisa Frank stickers and all that blue-penned angst, notebooks have a teenager-y sort of stigma. But “journaling” (as we refer to it in the post-puberty stages), is the next big trend this year following coloring books. The tradition of healthy reflections dates far back with some of the earliest journal writers including the Greeks, Romans, Japanese women of the 10th century and “enlightened” individuals during the Renaissance period.

However, by keeping a journal of sorts through a notebook or today’s standard, a blog, we allow ourselves a better chance to discover who we are. Journaling is a valid method in remembering ourselves when we first experienced specific moments. As a tool in recollection and contemplation for sincere living, journaling aids greatly in the big or loud aspects of our life. From happiness to hurt, first loves to heartbreaks, achievements to failures, writing down our thoughts helps keep a record of “what it felt to be me” during a period you might not realize was a learning experience.

In reflecting on those written words, we gain valuable bits of knowledge and insight into the puzzle of our purpose. From there, we are able to construct a life well worth living and loving through responsive emotions and thoughts. By increasing our own self-awareness and delving deeper into our true voices, we are able to make better-informed decisions to honor who we truly are.

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