5 Romantic Spring Date Ideas Guaranteed to Blossom Your Relationship

After being curled up on the couch for months with Netflix and cozy blankets, we are happy to announce that spring has almost sprung. And with a new season of color and life comes ample opportunity to crawl out of our place of hibernation and soak in the beauty of a fresh new season.

Aside from shedding our sweaters, boots and scarves, the weather beckons for us to really start living again—and with that renewal of life comes time for couples to revel in warm weather. After all, flowers aren’t the only things that blossom!

Whether you two have weathered through the seasons together or are celebrating April showers and May flowers for the first time, these date ideas will add a much needed spring in your romantic step.

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Roman à Clef: September 2016


With the heat soaking through the ceramic to her cold fingertips, she held the hot mug of black tea firmly in her hands. In some way, the warmth calmed her nerves as she watched him focus his gaze out the window. Though they had been meeting every month since what he shared with her in April, she was nervous to see him again. Especially after their argument during the peak of summer about his message.

He turned his head and smiled faintly. While she wouldn’t have known the other side of it, his visit that included pounding down her door in July was more for the painful void felt in his bones, than the arduous hunger he had for every part of her in May.

“You’re wearing the scarf,” he said softly.

She looked down at her chest, nervously adjusting the scarf as if to cover her breasts and smiled. “Yeah, it’s one of my favorites — Redneck Riviera,” she said through a scoff.

“Redneck Riviera,” he laughed. “Dangerous, but it was worth it. You look nice.”

She nodded her head as if to hurriedly agree. “Are you alright?”

“Did I ever tell you about that trip?” he asked.

“To the shores last year?” she replied. (more…)

Roman à Clef: May 2016

South Bend, Indiana

Whipping her hair in his face, she tossed her head back as she felt his warm chest heaving against her back. Removing his slender fingers gently from her inner thigh, he kissed her on the neck as she placed her hand on the back of his head, tangling her fingers in his dark combed hair. The two sat in the driver seat breathing heavily as they stared straight ahead at the empty parking lot.

“I should have opened the windows,” he smirked.

Holding the steering wheel of his dark SUV for support, she slid off his lap and into the passenger seat, grabbing her stuff off the vehicle’s floor.

“It’s not that stuffy in here,” she said with a grin as she buttoned the top of her dress. Turning to look at him, she placed her hand on the side of his face and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “I should get going—it’s a long drive back for me.”

“I’m sorry about earlier,” he said in a soft voice as he zipped up his pants. (more…)

Roman à Clef: May/June 2015


With the sun setting and clouds drifting delicately across the blended sky of soft purple and orange hues, she sat comfortably on the sandy shores of New Buffalo, tight in his embrace. The two of them sat together quietly, watching the sunset with his arms wrapped around her. Her back pressed against his chest, they lay their legs out in the sand as the winds picked up, tousling her long, loose hair in his face.

She felt his lips tenderly kiss the back of her neck. She smiled most coyly as he tightened his hold on her. She hugged him as she turned her head to look at his face. Brown eyes, dark hair, and a chin she found irresistible. He propped himself closer to her as the warmth of his mouth against hers sent a current running through her body. She could feel a heat rising in her core as she gently held the back of his head in her palm. Parting his lips, he moved his mouth to her jaw and down her neck, nuzzling ever gently and softly.

His hand moved down to her chest as she started laughing. Removing it immediately off of her, she turned her body to get a better look at him. His eyes glued to hers, she held his right hand in hers and began looking at it. Twisted and flipped backwards, she straightened his wristband, a thoughtful memento paying homage to his field of practice—black with a thin blue line. Gazing up at him, she smiled as she smoothed her fingers over his tan, soft skin. He smiled back, kissing her on the nose. (more…)

Roman à clef: June 2015


She sat at the end of the dock, gliding the tips of her toes ever gently against the glistening lake waters. The sky was blue and crisp, an image she kept in her mind when she closed her eyes and thought about the last time she was here. The two had lay in his boat all day under the sun, talking about everything and anything, while watching the sky slowly turn ablaze with a searing red and fiery orange. It was that night they shared together that made her realize she would forever fall into his charms. (more…)

#HBD: 17 Reasons


A few years ago, I conjured up a list of reasons to the one true love of my life with the intent of sending it off to him and vanishing from his existence. Of course, he was starting to act up like a toddler in a high-chair, crying and whining about the never-changing circumstances he was meeting in his life, and manipulated me into staying. As the friend I was, I pacified him for many days and nights, soothing his nerves the best way I could. But as I saw a pattern of duplicity and things weren’t adding up, I began distancing parts of myself from him.

After all, he was never one to make up his mind. And in all fairness, he was confused about his direction and bravely considered the healthy choice that his parents made all those years ago. (more…)

Breaking Down “The Ugly Truth”

Girl - Alone 14

These last few weeks have been a blur. In many ways, I’ve been floating around here and there in wonderment, growing curious about the shady meanings into why certain people do what they do. There’s this really interesting article I came across this past week from Elite Daily written by Gigi Engle called, “The Ugly Truth: If You Cheat on Someone, You Do Not Love That Person” and it got me thinking about people and relationships.

It got me thinking about cheating.

Oddly enough, it also got me thinking back to that overrated Johnny Depp quote too. The one where he says, “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” But I digress. And I’m not thinking of love. I stopped thinking about love in a real sense months ago. Instead, I’m thinking about the choices we make in our relationships and the lies that follow. (more…)

Are Love Letters a Lost Art?

Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something incredibly sweet and artful about love letters. The last few years of our social platform has skyrocketed (thanks to the Internet and smartphones) in a very innovative way as mass socialization among users with texting, tweeting, and one-sentence status updates exponentially expands. These social networks have enabled minute-by-minute communication as a necessity for millions, but falls short on genuine sentiment.

With this technological realm taking the reigns of communication and interaction, the art of letter writing is becoming a distant and fading memory.

If you’ve ever written a letter to a friend, a family member, or even a lover, how did you feel? Do you know how they felt after they read it? There is something incredibly satisfying, moving, personal and deeply intimate about entrusting your feelings for another onto paper. With Love Note Day taking place on September 26, there is an interesting and constant discussion behind these amorous letters. Are they romantic? Are they cheesy? Is the art of letter writing really, truly dead?

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