5 Reasons People Stay in Bad Relationships, According to Science

We’ve all seen the situation and it baffles you to the core: a spouse cheats on their partner, yet they remain the happy quintessential couple on your sunny neighborhood block. All looks normal on their relationship horizon, but a month or two later pass, and you hear they are heading on vacation, moving to a new home, or what is subjectively worse — have a baby with the intent to “save” their marriage.

Yikes. What could possibly pressure someone to want to stay in a relationship so deceitful after years of emotional abuse and distrust? Well, for one, you should know that it isn’t easy. While many reach a point of no return and cut ties, that’s not the case for everyone — and if you must know, weakness or strength does not come into play. It should be noted with great veneration that all relationships are hard and none are textbook.

While divorce can empower spouses to create opportunities for your family to do the right thing, staying in a bad marriage is a real adversity that harms mental and emotional health. Though staying in a relationship can be seen as puzzling, psychologists prove that there is real, scientific motive couples stay in bad relationships.

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5 TED Talks That Will Completely Refresh Your Outlook on Love

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With the way life has been around the world lately, it wouldn’t hurt for us to add more love to the mix. From war, poverty, famine and the fight for human rights, the Burt Bacharach classic, “What The World Needs Now is Love” has never been more certifiable.

Considered one of the most essential components to our life, love is the basis of all things good and beautiful in our world, and true love is a real motivator for purpose and perspective.

While February is known famously as the month that celebrates love in all its manifestations, it’s also just the second month of the new year, which means if you feel a bit polarized in your goals and love life, it’s time to really pick yourself up. We all love indulging in our plans of Netflix and ice cream, but it’s important to recognize that in all its various forms, love is a central part of the human experience and deserves more attention.

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6 Telltale Signs You’re Definitely Not Over Your Ex

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We’ve all been there — eating pints of ice cream, belting out Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” while in our Snuggie and looking through old photos of happier times. There is no denying that getting over someone who made your life awesome and full of dancing butterflies proves to be one of life’s greatest challenges. But in the aftermath of a breakup, trying to let go of that significant chunk of your life with someone isn’t easy as we’re stuck constantly thinking of them.

According to researchers at Stony Brook University, your inability to let go can be blamed on our “nucleus accumbens” — the brain area associated with reward, which studies suggest fosters the ex-addiction. This simply means since romantic love is a specific form of addiction, when in love and broken up, those emotions can feel similar to withdrawing from a severe addiction.

You might be convinced you’ve gotten over it, but that’s the thing. Getting over someone who has meant so much to you can take a lot longer than anticipated and without a doubt, be one hell of a bumpy ride. So how can you tell if you’ve really stuck a fork in it or are still stuck in your last relationship? To help you make sense of it all, we explore a few signs you are still not over that ex of yours.

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Why You Should Be Working Out with Your Significant Other

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The best relationships are all about finding balance and harmony in each other. Of course, with the constant clamor of our busy lives though, it can be hard to find that — let alone time together.

But recent studies have shown that couples who make it a priority to enjoy a wide range of shared interests and active lifestyles together actually have one of the more healthier relationships in comparison to those who lead a more stagnant lifestyle and separate their pastimes. Research suggests working out with your partner not only strengthens the bond between you two with effective communication, but the sweating side-by-side has the power to help you both gain a stronger connection.

Marriage and relationship psychotherapist, Dr. Jane Greer tells lifestyle website, YouBeauty that when a couple works out together, “the actual exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact.” As she reveals, both partners not only increase their endorphins during a workout, but equally come away from the experience with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and a shared passion.

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Can You Have A Happy Marriage Without Sex?

The stresses of modern-day living have led 1 in 5 couples down the road to a sexless marriage. Our writer at The Hudsucker explores the silent epidemic by talking to individuals in such unions, along with seeking insight from Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Melissa Risso, M.A Counseling Psychology; and Christian marriage counselors, Paul and Lori Byerly of The Marriage Bed.

A marriage without sex is a lot like a burger without the bun. What’s the point of calling it a ‘burger’ if it isn’t exactly complete? For the past few years, social scientists have been studying sexless marriages for clues about what can go wrong in relationships and factors leading to the issue. In an article last year from the National Post, author and marital therapist, Andrew G. Marshall stated that sexless marriages have become the latest epidemic many married couples are silently facing today.

For Lucy, 30, in suburban Arkansas, sex has always been a thrill. It gave her energy for the day, brightened her mood, and connected her in rather intimate ways with her husband of thirteen years, Jeremy, 32. As the couple got married fairly young, Lucy continues to study hard in college, but often tired between school and her day job, so she heads to bed early and is usually fast asleep before her husband joins her. Lucy shares how in many ways, things started going sour in their seventh year of marriage, a condition researchers call “the seven year itch”, a psychological term suggesting that happiness in a relationship declines around year seven.

“I just felt like it was the same old routine,” she says. “I just didn’t feel too happy about it. We would have date night, go out, have fun like old times, and get frisky, but it’s just not for me anymore. With school and everything going great for me right now professionally, I don’t find it to be a priority. We haven’t had sex for four years now.”

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He Said, She Said: The Facebook Relationship Status

Image Credit: The Huffington Post/FacebookWhen you start dating someone, you tell a few of your friends and family members, but not everyone in fear of things blowing up in your face. After all, who wants to explain their relationship status to extended family at a birthday party? You usually only tell everyone you know after you’ve gotten engaged and are heading to the alter, right? Well that was before Facebook decided to step in and provide options for your current relationship status which begs the question, when is the right time to go public with your Facebook relationship status?

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Love and Sex According to Michael Johns: “Follow your heart and try and be the best person you can”

Last week, singer and songwriter, Michael Johns released his brand new EP, Love and Sex, a three track compilation containing songs about two of the most intricate subjects that continuously baffle our thoughts, emotions, actions and ultimately, relationships: love and sex. What exactly are they? Films have been created, songs have been written – it’s something our society ponders everyday.

I had the opportunity to pick Johns’ brain and touch on the subjects, figuring out what love and sex means to him. He has written several songs about love and his album Hold Back My Heart is a sheer testament of the depths he dove into to showcase his emotions in the best way possible. In some sense, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve.

Johns knows what he feels and as an observer, I’ve come to realize he’s someone who is very in touch with his feelings, proving how good a head he has on his shoulders. When I ask him what love is, he knows and answers without any hesitation. “I believe [it’s] defined by feeling totally selfless towards another being, putting their feelings first and having their back through everything.”

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Talking “Love and Sex” with Michael Johns

Two of the most complex emotions that we face in this life might just belong to matters of the heart: love and sex. Without the obviousness and a dictionary definition, what are they? Singer and songwriter, Michael Johns has it figured out in his own style. His new EP, Love and Sex, a three track release arrived in digital music stores this past Tuesday and showcases a mutual vulnerability and angst regarding the subject.

Johns, who released his debut album Hold Back My Heart nearly four years ago has undergone a fascinating transformation, emerging as an artist who truly understands and feels for his music. With everything he has done since his debut, listeners can hear a vocal and lyrical maturity showing an impressive artistic growth in Love and Sex that delivers and encompasses raw passion, desire and that burning love within the three track EP.

I caught up with the ever congenial and charming, Michael Johns to talk Love and Sex and as always, he’s an absolute delight to talk to. He shares that he was strictly in the mood to write this specific collection of music so he did it, without any intention. That’s a notable characteristic within Johns and shows how versatile he is as a singer and songwriter.

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