6 Trendy Alternatives to ModCloth You Must Check out This Spring

Last Friday, Walmart announced in a press release that they had recently acquired trendy online retailer, ModCloth as part of their marketing tactic to take on online giant, Amazon.

While ModCloth will remain a stand-alone online merchant, independent designers who currently sell their exclusive collections on ModCloth will gain the chance to expand their reach as per the release.

It might seem odd for some customers to understand Walmart’s motives, but in recent years they have been working hard to attract younger and more affluent shoppers. But alas, like every sort of merging of businesses, this might prove a bit challenging for the American giant as customers of indie seller ModCloth are not too happy about the recent acquisition.

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The Best Sunglasses You Need This Season

The arrival of warmer weather not only means tons of sunshine, but our favorite accessory that tends to be forgotten during the cold seasons. With the sun coming out more often, it’s time to talk about our sunglasses!

Best known as shades or “sunnies,” sunglasses are the most stylish and fashionable accessory you could have on hand this season. Not only do they protect you from bright light and harsh ultraviolet rays that cause damage to your vision, but they can also really tie your summer style together. With a slew of brands boasting fun, whimsical and classy vibes for the season with their summer collection, we share some of our favorites for both men and women.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Couponing

Coupons 01

Cutting coupons from the Sunday newspaper has fast become a relic of the past thanks to technology. With smartphones revolutionizing the coupon market, there has been a sudden surge in the past few years of mobile apps and websites helping you save money or earn cash and rewards back. Whether you are on a budget or just feel content with keeping more money in your wallet, learn how to become one efficient and chic couponer who will rule the supermarket aisles.

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Boutique 1861: French Fashion and Flair for All

In recent years, online shopping has spread like wildfire with customers increasingly turning to the Internet for their retail needs. Though it is a small part of the retail market, online sales are projected to grow to $370 billion in 2017, up from 62 percent in 2012. With coupons, promo codes, emails, and not having to get out of your pajamas, it’s no surprise why online shopping has become a solid option for consumers.

While prominent retail chains are shutting down across the country, and consumers are looking for new ways to express their unique style, boutique stores are thriving and growing in numbers. One such retailer that focuses on not just the products sold to customers, but image and style at the fraction of the price is Quebec’s own, Boutique 1861.

Soundly emphasizing Parisian elegance and nestled in Montreal’s utmost cosmopolitan district, Boutique 1861 lets customers travel back in time to the fashionable glamour of yesteryear with dozens of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces.

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United State of Indiana: Wearing Your State on Your Sleeve

Since its inception in 2011, United State of Indiana has firmly believed in collaboration over competition, personal over perfect, and better over bigger. For an online shop situated in the heart of the Midwest, USI is the dominant artifact displaying state pride and love through their apparel, and working hard as a booming and creative small business.

Created by Anderson resident Graham Brown, the small business first burst onto the scene in the spring of 2011 with the simple message, “Never forget your home.” Reminding fellow Hoosiers that there is something here that you cannot find elsewhere, the message soon spread among residents, turning USI into a household name in Indiana.

After graduating college with hopes to delay adulthood, Brown ventured into music and began designing shirts for his hip-hop group, Anderson’s Most Wanted. Creating a simple image that defined everything he ever wanted to say about the love for his home, the design soon ignited a passion and struck a chord with those around him. Bold, ambiguous, and moderately controversial, Brown began printing designs for friends of a vertical American flag with the silhouette of Indiana instead of stars. Through his phantom business skills and constant enthusiasm, the venture grew into a full-fledged company. Along the way, the young entrepreneur decided upon the name, “United State of Indiana” and believed in his heart there was no better mission statement for this project than those four words.

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