Starbucks to Add a Spring in Your Step With Its Newest Menu

With spring officially here and warmer days ahead, Starbucks is celebrating the excitement of a new season in more ways than one — and we couldn’t be more happy!

Starbucks has been our go-to for years and this season, they are stepping up their game with a plethora of menu items we cannot wait to get a hold of.

After announcing its limited-edition pastel cups featuring whimsical illustrations inside blank white circles for the blossoming season, the Seattle-based coffeehouse just released a plethora of delicious new menu items, teas and a cold brew that is sure to satisfy your coffee and snack addiction this summer.

In honor of a new season and thanks to their consumers’ evolving tastes, Starbucks said in a press release that they are expanding their menu with new food items guaranteed to fuel the warmer days ahead.

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Fall in Love Again: Starbucks Adds Real Pumpkin to their Famous Latte

{Image Credit: Starbucks Corp.}

Earlier this month, Starbucks announced it would makeover their popular seasonal fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte by adding a dose of—get this—real pumpkin puree!

Upon hearing feedback from customers and company partners about the ingredients found in a Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks decided to do away with the caramel coloring and go the au natural route. Critics and fans of the company speculate that the change might have come about thanks to food blogger, Vani Hari also known as the “Food Babe” who shared the unhealthy side of everyone’s favorite autumnal drink in a controversial blog post.

After months of research and testing, Starbucks Corp. finally decided to make the change for the benefit of simplicity. First coming onto the scene in 2003 with seemingly no market for the pumpkin spiced beverage, the Pumpkin Spice Latte was unassuming with its ingredients—espresso, perfectly steamed milk, and warm fall spices full of that delicious autumn flavor reminiscent of a warm pumpkin pie. With that ideology and increasing clout from consumer growth over the years, Starbucks went to the core of its most celebrated brew.

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Consumers Get Roasted as Starbucks Increases Price of Coffee Nationwide

Last month, Starbucks increased the prices of some of its most popular hot beverages by a nickel to 20 cents in the United States.

While customers can expect to see a spike on the small and big sizes of their favorite brewed coffees, The Associated Press reports that the Seattle-based company will keep the prices of their most popular beverages like the Grande Brewed Coffee and members of the Frappucino family unchanged in most U.S. outlets. Attributing the spike to various factors like rent, labor, marketing and supply concerns, Starbucks Corp. believes the increased prices will affect fewer than 20 percent of its customers. However, that assessment is based on the current purchasing habits of consumers, which consists of cold drinks given the current summer weather. Lisa Passe, a representative for the company said the hike will not affect food or packaged coffee, and most likely take affect within that percentage once customers buy warmer drinks as the weather cools.

The higher price menu comes after U.S. roaster J.M Smucker Co. announced at the start of July that it would cut prices for most of its Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brands in a plan to attract more customers.

With Starbucks being a prominent brand in the food industry and constantly widening their menus, this is a clearly story that resonates with all coffee lovers. Considering 54 percent of people drink coffee and an average of 32 million Americans visit Starbucks each month, this is significant news for avid fans of the company. Cue the groans and early-morning-coffee-rage!


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