Kat Von D Beauty’s Most Requested Product Returns: Review of #SaintAndSinner VoxBox

Following an 8-year hiatus from beauty store shelves, Kat Von D Beauty‘s most requested product of all time has returned and fans are getting a resurrection thanks to Influenster. (more…)


Revlon Mega Multiplier: Review of the #RevlonXLashes VoxBox

With volume and drama, a strong set of eyelashes have the power to instantly update your look with just a few steps. This past summer, I was granted the opportunity to test out the Revlon Mega Multiplier care of Influenster Canada.

If you don’t know what Influenster is, it is an incredible community for social media enthusiasts like myself who share thoughts and reviews on various products they like or dislike. Through submitting reviews of products — new and old — you can qualify for free products to test out and review. I was lucky to receive this complimentary product to try out in my makeup regime. (more…)

10 of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Though 2016 delivered an incredible roster of film with a few hits and misses, we like to think with the releases coming out this year, that was just the industry taking a casual stretch before the biggest marathon of movies hits 2017. While there is still plenty of new year to go and we’re really just get started, it’s never too early to get excited about all the upcoming releases.

There’s no denying with the trailers released today, we are definitely looking forward to moving on and diving into a brand new year of filmography bound to break box office records. This year promises fun and thrill from a big ape, mummies, superheroes, vigilantes, and of course the one and only, Wonder Woman.

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5 Fun Ways to Spend the Rest of Summer


In what might induce a flurry of groans and moans, the end of summer is right around the corner. The longer hours of daylight might have been beneficial to a lot of us as we planned sunny vacations and outings with family and friends, but the popular and all-around favorite season is sadly drawing to a close. While the change in temperature might create a more structured or somber mood among adventure-seekers, there are fun and efficient ways to get the most out of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

As we transition to fall and welcome a new season in mid-September, we encourage you to add a little zest in your step before summer officially ends. After all, there is still plenty of time to truly enjoy this beautiful weather and all the season has to offer. Before the leaves fall and the smell of pumpkin spice dances in the air, we share five exciting ways to help you make the most of the rest of summer before it officially sneaks off into autumn.

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Your Guide to Being A Natural Knockout This Spring

YCSH - spring makeup

For the beauty aficionado, cosmetic and makeup stores like Sephora or Ulta raise the bar of what it means to indulge in eye candy. From a diverse range of favorites to new products arriving daily that help accentuate our features, it’s no kidding we feel a lot like Alice falling down the rabbit hole in Wonderland upon every visit.

But as most women who love shopping for beauty products know, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away. And when we get carried away, we end up with things we don’t exactly need in our beauty regimen.

Since natural looks can be the hardest to achieve—because you want to look beautiful without seeming like you’re overreaching—the secret is working with Mother Nature, not against. Whenever you hit the makeup counters, choose products and tools that help you to bring out your natural beauty and features.

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Skincare Saboteurs: How to Safeguard Your Skin This Season

{Image Credit: Getty Images}

It’s no secret that sunscreen is an essential must-have in the fight against melanoma, one of the most common skin cancers in the United States affecting 3.5 million each year.

But with the hustle of everyday life, we either skimp on application, forget to reapply or forgo it completely. While many of us use broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays to reduce our skin’s vulnerability to the sun, chemical filters found in sunscreens absorb UV rays and transform them into energy before they harm our skin.

What’s worse is these filters can often be unstable and break down if used incorrectly or in conjunction with other products that have active ingredients. To help maximize sun protection this spring and summer, we share five common saboteurs that might be undermining how your sunscreen works.

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Life is an Open Road: Essential Tips for Road Trippers

I love to travel. It is one of my favorite priorities in the world for not only is it the key to enjoying pleasurable adventure, but forms an important part of one’s education and personal growth. Travel is a ‘teacher’. There’s much mental richness in traveling. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved visiting new places and experiencing the charm, color and culture of small towns and big cities. Through my journeys, I’ve learned how travel is a powerful tool for personal development and enhancing connectivity to people and the cultural diversity. Travel teaches one patience, time management, appreciation, adaptation, acceptance, understanding and spontaneity in life.

While every mode of travel has its unique charm, road tripping can be a pleasurable experience as you drive through villages, towns and cities. For starters road travel puts you in command of effective time utilization and provides an exhilarating sense of freedom on the open road. As well, the resultant effect of road travel tends to work on our sensory and perceptive senses to lessen stress. Today more people in North America travel by road due to unforeseen delays in air travel. The lure of the road is undeniable and probably in our genes.

There’s nothing more exciting and rejuvenating to our spirit than getting into the car with your best friends, family or even pets, heading out together on fun adventures! There have been countless films over the years celebrating the culture of road trips—some good, some bad, but all setting their sights on the mystery and excitement of the open road. Now road trips are as American as apple pie, and traveling by car has long been an institution, remaining a classic pastime for many. Despite increasing gas prices, road trips aren’t something that will go out of style anytime soon because there’s no better way to experience a place than from behind the wheel and comfort of your car. Driving through states or provinces isn’t just a romantic journey through the countryside, but an indescribable thrill that beckons a thirst for life with an equally rewarding experience.

As the weather gets warmer and summer peaks soon on the horizon, many will be getting into their cars this sunny season! Before you get behind the wheel of your car and out of the driveway, here are some tips to maintain the romance of road tripping while minimizing the rigors of the road:

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