The Hudsucker

The Hudsucker is an online magazine made up of unique and dedicated social journalists with fresh voices from across the country. Since its inception in June of 2012, The Hudsucker has continuously proven how writing and storytelling is our strongest fingerprint. By creating a smart and ambitious environment for readers, the online magazine focusing on travel, technology, the arts, pop culture and real-life stories aims to be relatable through experience, passion and an understanding for the world around us.

With our growing content and steadfast desire to open up the minds of our readers, we hope to create discussion and incite thought through our magazine’s mantra, “Read. Think. Repeat.”


Chris Cuomo
Television Journalist & Co-Host of CNN’s New Day

I like The Hudsucker. I like what it represents. I like that [Tania’s] trying to make something that is pure and creating something in a very difficult environment, and I applaud that.

Jeff Robinson
Director of Marketing, Visit Indy
“The site is clean, concise and covers a wide variety of topics. I highly recommend working with her [Tania] and the team at The Hudsucker.”

Caileigh Scott
Actress, Writer, Producer

“The Hudsucker is the perfect blend of magazine and blog. It is a smart and refreshing place to go for news, entertainment and culture.”

Michael Kosta
Stand-Up Comedian

“As someone who had the opportunity to be featured for their online magazine — I used to have a TV show called The Comment Section, it got canceled, you should have watched it — I’m impressed by their style and appreciate the support that they’ve given me. I like that they have a clear passion for writing and it shows in their work. They are definitely a site to look out for.”

Melissa Risso
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
“My experience with The Hudsucker and its staff has been nothing but pleasant and rewarding! They provide outstanding quality in their articles, thoroughly researching and writing material that greatly informs its readers to the best standards in news.”

Read. Think. Repeat.