J’adore BITE Beauty: Review of #TheLipPencil VoxBox

From matte liquid lipsticks to sheer washes of color, lip products are perennial favorites for so many fashionistas because they can instantly change your look with minimal effort. While some brands focus on a full range of cosmetics, BITE Beauty is one that really stands on its own for doing one thing really well: lipstick.

Earlier this month, Influenster sent me the #TheLipPencil VoxBox from BITE Beauty and obviously, I was very excited. It’s lipstick for crying out loud! While I never experimented with their collection of lipsticks and pencils prior to receiving this package, it really piqued my interest. I love adding new lipsticks to my collection for a look that is bold, complementary to my mood and definitely one of a kind.

When I got the VoxBox, I have to admit, I was little apprehensive—especially with the two colors they provided. I am usually someone who dabbles with a lot of pinks, peaches and reds for a look that plays more to my complexion than a runway model looking to create a statement. The colors were definitely something I never wear. The VoxBox included two of their lip pencils, 020 (Beige Nude) and 044 (Rich Mahogany); and, two deluxe samples of their signature, Amuse Bouche lipsticks in Honeycomb and Whiskey, along with a white Sephora sharpener.

The Lip Pencil:

With high precision texture that defines the lip line, The Lip Pencils offer perfect, allover, opaque lip coverage with a rich, creamy texture. It’s definitely a liner that feels lightweight, as if nothing is on your lips, which is a plus when it comes to everyday wear. The shades are encased in a beautiful artisanal wood barrel that encloses whipped Shea Butter and three times the amount of pigments for a perfectly defined line. They have a pencil sort of smell that reminds me of elementary school, but that’s what all wooden pencils usually smell like anyway.

Amuse Bouche Lipstick:

In one swipe, these lipsticks go on really bright and bold. I love that the formulation on both shades is so comfortable, vibrant and helps to achieve an incredibly healthy-looking lip. Very fine, lightweight as well. When you apply them, it’s a true satin finish, but looks a bit more semi-matte after a few hours. They have an incredible pigmentation. While they don’t exactly leave my lips moisturized as they say after wear, they do bring a good balance of moisture to my lips with nutrients, vitamins and omega oils when applied. They smell sweet, a little bit like citrus—but not overpowering.


BITE Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Whiskey with Lip Pencil 044

Made with 12 edible oils and fresh pressed fruit, they also taste a bit like lemonade, so when you lick your lips, it’s not a gross flavor. The packaging is not luxurious, but it is cool and trendy. The brand’s logo is engraved on the matte rubberized black tube.

While the Whiskey was a bit dark and overpowering for me, it is a great shade and one I can definitely wear when I want to make a statement with my look. While I might apply the darker lipstick in the future with a lip brush, I love the stain it leaves behind after a long day.

I did find that the Honeycomb was very light to my own natural lip color and while I tried to balance it well with a dark eyeshadow, I wish it was a tad warmer because I felt it really washed my complexion. However, I do love the satin finish of both shades. Additionally, both are super nice and of course, comfortable to wear without that greasy sort of feeling.

Final thoughts:


BITE Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Honeycomb with Lip Pencil 020

Overall, they are great shades with a collection that definitely thinks outside the color box. Beautiful packaging, lovely scent, great color payoff and very lightweight. The Whiskey was long-lasting and left a nice stain, but the longevity of Honeycomb was a bit mediocre as it disappeared a lot more quicker.

As a Toronto-based natural lip care company (with a lab in SoHo, New York) providing some of the boldest pigments you’ll ever find, this innovative and edgy line of lip products is one that definitely redefines color.

With a deep and complex color pigmentation that is unseen by any other, their lipsticks are made from 12 edible oils for intense hydration, while their pencils provide an unparalleled creaminess thanks to Shea Butter for an incredible lightweight coverage. I really like how they offer a vibrant collection of high-impact lip products in multi-dimensional shades handcrafted to deliver high color, soft texture, and creamy wear.

BITE Beauty’s Lip Pencils and Amuse Bouche lipsticks are available at Sephora. Check out BITE Beauty for more information.

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I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Thank you, very much Influenster! Follow them on their social networks at TwitterFacebookPinterestInstagramGoogle+, and YouTube, for updates and how you can be part of the Influenster community!

All photographs by Tania Hussain, unless otherwise stated.

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