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LG G Flex: Shaping Up Innovation Beyond The Curve

This past May I was lucky enough to test out the LG G Flex. Yes—I just said May. As in the start of spring. As in “April showers, bring May flowers”. Yes, that May. For the sake of the reader, here’s a short note about my tardiness on this review: I have had what some might call, a crappy start to the year. It’s been riddled with broken ribs, car accidents, heart attacks, a friend who passed away unexpectedly and not to mention, heartbreak all around.

As you can imagine, I haven’t found time to sit down and process my own original thoughts. Today however, I’m trying. Writing has always helped me to heal and in these past few months, I have truly missed writing on my own and diving into that other creative, thought process.  So without further adieu, let’s discuss the LG G Flex. (more…)


Apple’s iPhone 5s is the Best Yet and Delivers The Goods

Rogers SIThis past September, Canadian media giant, Rogers Communications launched the Social Insider program giving tech enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate with the company on various projects, while trying out new devices. Thanks to my good friend (and sister from another mister), ElizabethI was introduced to the Rogers SI program last month and had the chance to test out the iPhone 5s for two whole weeks!